Cleaning And Maintenance Of PCV And Aluminium Frames

Cleaning Experts team cleans pvcPVC and aluminium frames are more and more widely used because they are quality and resistant and they bring comfort and cosiness to the home. Today most people prefer getting such frames fitted rather than wooden ones which are already outdated. PVC and aluminium protect our homes from all kinds of adverse weather conditions. They keep our home warm in winter and cool in summer. But as resistant as they are, those frames need proper care and maintenance. We need to clean them periodically if we want to keep them in good condition for many years. And we have to follow some rules in order to do this. 

PVC and aluminium frames have a special covering which protects them from scratches and they are easily cleaned up. This lacquer covering is very important for the good condition of frames so you should be careful not to damage it. That is why you cannot clean your frames with whatever cleaning product you find on the market. Many products might contain substances which are harmful to the lacquer layer so you need to use special products that are particularly made for PVC and aluminium cleaning.

You can find them in shops where they sell such frames.  Another point you should have in mind is that you need to remove the frames’ protecting folio as soon as they are fitted.

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Otherwise, it is influenced by factors such as the sun and the wind and its removal gets more difficult.  Furthermore, you need to take care of the frames’ details such as the rubber packing at least twice a year. They are constantly exposed to sunlight so they need to be treated with special greasing which will protect them and extend their life.  PVC frames should not be cleaned with hard brushes or abrasive cleaning products and surfaces because their top covering might be damaged. You also should not use solvents, polishing products or other chemicals that might harm the paint and the lacquer of the frame.

 If you look in the right places you will find many products that are especially made for PVC and aluminium window cleaning. They will help you clean and maintain your frames properly. Do not risk damaging them by using some random cleaning product but ask for professional advice in the defined shops and offices for that purpose. The right care of the frames guarantees better resistance and comfort for a long time.