The End Of A Really Long Workday

The End of a Really Long WorkdayAs Janette instructed me what to do next, I began working without thinking much as I wanted to finish as soon as possible. I cleaned up what was left on the table, I wiped it, I polished it, then I cleaned the counters, the sink, the floor, etc. After that, I removed the leftovers from the plates and I put all dishes in the dishwasher. I waited for them to be washed and then I dried them and placed them in the cupboards. I looked around – everything seemed to be done already. Everything was clean and shiny and well-arranged and I was glad I had done my job perfectly. But most of all, I was happy I could finally go to bed. I only hoped that Janette would not appear again and find more work for me. So, I had to leave as quickly as possible without wasting any more time. I switched off the lights and I closed the kitchen door behind me.

I headed my room which I had seen only once but I felt really glad and relieved. I went into the room, locked the door and I looked around. The room was still really nice as I remembered it and it, strangely but true, made me feel home. It felt almost like my old room as it was designed in my favourite colour blue just like the one back in Brighton. It emanated peace and comfort. Then I found out my bags were still unpacked and as tired as I was, I had to take my stuff out and organize my room a little because I guessed I wouldn’t have time on the following day as I had to get up early for work. I took everything out of the bags, I arranged my clothes in the small wardrobe, I put my cosmetics on the shelf in front of the mirror and this was pretty much all. I hadn’t brought many things with me because I didn’t need them. I just wanted a fresh start.

Anyway, I looked around the room and it was all set. I was finally ready to go to bed. I took off my uniform, I quickly put on a shirt and some pants and I snuggled under the fluffy blue coverlet. That was it! I’d been dreaming of that moment for so long that it looked almost surreal. I thought of everything that had happened during the day and I couldn’t believe it. In just one day, my life had turned into a completely different direction. I was in London and I was working for one of the wealthiest families in Southwark. I guess that’s what I had wanted. I relaxed my body and I sank in the bed. I’d probably fallen asleep immediately.