The How-to of Home Cleaning Volume 2

The How-to of Home Cleaning Volume 2The duties of a housewife are just too much to count them all in an internet post. One of the most important of those duties, by far, is the cleaning. Maintaining a clean home means not only that it will look good, but it will also be a safer and healthier environment for you and your loved ones. This is why it is among the top priorities of the good housewives. Since it involves so much, I will try to give you some ideas, explanations, tips, hints and basics of the home cleaning. Hopefully, you will find it helpful in the future, or you will see the solution of a problem you have been struggling with for a while now. Here we go!

1. Cleaning the toilet dish. This is definitely one of the things you want to get over with as quickly as possible. That’s why you need to use strong sanitizing products which will kill the bacteria at once. Put on a pair of rubber gloves on, apply bleach on the inside and on the edges of the toilet dish, let it stay for ten minutes and brush it off. Rinse with hot water. Never combine bleach with ammonia-based products or other bathroom cleaners, as this might cause a chemical reaction that will exhaust poisonous gases.

2. In order to avoid the bad smell of garbage in your dust bin, wrap the peels of fruit and vegetables, as well as the used coffee, in a newspaper or put those in a bag before throwing them in the dust bin.

3. Spring is coming, so why don’t you paint your home in the colours of the season – warm, bright, and bringing good mood? Spring colours are usually in the pastel range but if you are looking to make a stronger statement, go for candy hues. During this season, go for colours such as pink, purple, soft yellow, bright blue and even green. Cross-colour combination will be fashionable this season, such as bright yellow and cyan.

4. If you vacuum your carpet regularly, you eliminate up to 80 % of the dirtiness in it. The other 20 % can be dealt with by using a wet towel to get the pet hair out of the carpet and spray it with a carpet freshener.

5. Try the stain removing cleaning product on the inside of the piece of clothing you want to clean to see if it will affect the colour of the fabric. Do that before you use the cleaner on the rest of the cloth.

6. Make a freshener out of detergent. You can make a freshener to put inside your dresser or closed using detergent. Put it in a glass and in the corner of the dresser to get a nice aroma in there.