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The How-to of Home Cleaning Volume 5

The How-to of Home Cleaning Volume 5The duties of a housewife are just too much to count them all in an internet post. One of the most important of those duties, by far, is the cleaning. Maintaining a clean home means not only that it will look good, but it will also be a safer and healthier environment for you and your loved ones. This is why it is among the top priorities of the good housewives. Since it involves so much, I will try to give you some ideas, explanations, tips, hints and basics of the home cleaning. Hopefully, you will find it helpful in the future, or you will see the solution of a problem you have been struggling with for a while now. I hope you will find some use for these:

1. Instead of buying a shower curtain, make your own by stitching together a couple of towels. There is a downside of this, to be honest – the towels take longer to dry. However, the originality of the whole thing is worth it!

2. Get yourself an off-beat flower-stand, such as a ladder with a few shelves on it so that you can put your flower pots, or a wheel with baskets on it. If you want to do something strange outside, take a wheelbarrow, paint it in a funny colour and fill it with flowers.

3. Before you go out in the morning, check to see if everything is where it is supposed to be. This way you will not worry about putting things away if you are having a surprise guest right after work.

4. Always keep a vase of flowers on the table. It will act as a focus of attention in the room. You can put a bouquet of dried flowers, but, according to Feng Shui, you will have to clean it from dust every couple of days, so you do not interfere the flow of Chi.

5. Put a warm blanket on the soda or on an arm chair. The warm fabrics always bring in a comfortable feeling to the room. You can either fold the blanket or just let it fall freely – the effect in both cases is positive.

6. Change off books and family pictures on the bookshelf. Not only are they reminder of cherished memories and your personal signature in the room decoration, but they also give the room a unique atmosphere.

7. Towels will be soft as they have ever been, if you soak them in a mixture of vinegar and water every now and then.

8. The mug will not spill and leave spots on the table cover if you smear the top of its neck with a little bit of butter.

Seeing the Bosses Out

waiting-for-th bosses-to-go-outThe breakfast was served and all this tasty food, I mean the bacon and the eggs, made me even hungrier. The rest of the food didn’t appeal to me as it seemed too low-fat and tasteless. I was asked by Chase to go outside and take the daily press and bring it in the dining room so that he can look through it while having his morning coffee and breakfast. I went out and I ran because I was freezing as I was wearing just a thin shirt. I found the newspapers, arranged them and brought them to Chase. He told me I was free for now and I went to the kitchen to search for something to eat as I was really starving. I asked Joseph whether I could have anything and he said: “Don’t worry, Mel, just sit down over there and I’ll prepare something quick and delicious for you”. Oh, he was so nice. He made me a rich turkey sandwich with fries and salad and he had also spared some bacon with eggs which he gave me as well. He filled a cup of coffee and served it to me, too. I was so thankful that I wanted to hug him but I didn’t. I just thanked him and I saved my profuse breakfast for later when the bosses would be gone to work. I only had my coffee because I really needed caffeine to wake up.

I was really curious what Chase and Katherine did for a living and I couldn’t help asking Joseph about it. He explained to me that Chase was an editor-in-chief for a famous London magazine and Katherine was the manager of a prestigious fashion company in the city. He also let me know they were really busy and important people and they had a real fortune so we were all lucky to work for them. Well, I agree about the fortune because it was obvious but I still didn’t know whether I was so fortunate to be here. But I tried to be optimistic and believe it would all turn out well.

I finished my coffee and I went to the dining room to check if the bosses needed anything. They were already leaving so they asked me to tell Jack to get the car ready to drive them to work and respectively to school. All this was done, I went outside to accompany them and I was mesmerized by their car which I hadn’t seen so far. It was a huge white land rover which was certainly the latest model and it cost a whole fortune. They got inside and took off but I couldn’t take my eyes off the perfect car.

Meeting the Competition

Meeting The CompetitionJack was obviously joking with me and no matter how angry and wet I was, I started laughing as well and I told him I would get this back to him. I went in my room to change my uniform but then I realized I didn’t have another uniform as Chase had given me only this one. What I was going to do? Of course, I couldn’t work with those wet clothes so I had to think of something immediately. I didn’t have any other choice but to put on some of my own clothes. I couldn’t be long gone as Janette would freak out if she didn’t find me working. I put some skinny jeans and a cute green shirt on as this was the first thing I could find in my wardrobe. Those clothes were too nice for work but I actually didn’t have any that would be suitable for sweeping and rubbing. I also took a jacket because it was a bit cold outside; I looked at the mirror for a second to fix my humid hair at least a little bit and I left the room as quickly as possible. I looked horrible but I didn’t have any time so I had to get back to work.

As I went outside, I saw a woman who was circling the garden and obviously looking for someone. I hadn’t seen her so far but after all I had been living there for just two days and I supposed she was a friend of someone from the family or the staff. I approached her and I asked her kindly if I could help her with something. She answered: “Oh, actually yes. I read an advertisement in the newspaper that you are looking for a fulltime maid and I’m here to apply for the position. I have the necessary qualifications and experience and I think I will be really useful for you. Can I speak with the owner, please?” Well, the woman was really nice and polite but she obviously wanted to take my position and I couldn’t let this happen. After the luck I’d had to be hired so quickly and easily, after the fact that I had begun to get along so well with almost all my colleagues and after all obstacles and trouble I’d gone through just for two days here I just couldn’t let anyone take this opportunity away from me as I really needed it. So, I didn’t hesitate for a moment how to act. This was a real competition…

The End Of A Really Long Workday

The End of a Really Long WorkdayAs Janette instructed me what to do next, I began working without thinking much as I wanted to finish as soon as possible. I cleaned up what was left on the table, I wiped it, I polished it, then I cleaned the counters, the sink, the floor, etc. After that, I removed the leftovers from the plates and I put all dishes in the dishwasher. I waited for them to be washed and then I dried them and placed them in the cupboards. I looked around – everything seemed to be done already. Everything was clean and shiny and well-arranged and I was glad I had done my job perfectly. But most of all, I was happy I could finally go to bed. I only hoped that Janette would not appear again and find more work for me. So, I had to leave as quickly as possible without wasting any more time. I switched off the lights and I closed the kitchen door behind me.

I headed my room which I had seen only once but I felt really glad and relieved. I went into the room, locked the door and I looked around. The room was still really nice as I remembered it and it, strangely but true, made me feel home. It felt almost like my old room as it was designed in my favourite colour blue just like the one back in Brighton. It emanated peace and comfort. Then I found out my bags were still unpacked and as tired as I was, I had to take my stuff out and organize my room a little because I guessed I wouldn’t have time on the following day as I had to get up early for work. I took everything out of the bags, I arranged my clothes in the small wardrobe, I put my cosmetics on the shelf in front of the mirror and this was pretty much all. I hadn’t brought many things with me because I didn’t need them. I just wanted a fresh start.

Anyway, I looked around the room and it was all set. I was finally ready to go to bed. I took off my uniform, I quickly put on a shirt and some pants and I snuggled under the fluffy blue coverlet. That was it! I’d been dreaming of that moment for so long that it looked almost surreal. I thought of everything that had happened during the day and I couldn’t believe it. In just one day, my life had turned into a completely different direction. I was in London and I was working for one of the wealthiest families in Southwark. I guess that’s what I had wanted. I relaxed my body and I sank in the bed. I’d probably fallen asleep immediately.

The Start Of The Princess Big Day

The Start of the Princess Big DayElizabeth was turning 17 and there would be a great birthday party in the house for whose organization and preparation we were responsible. Janette, of course, was the main organizer of the event because clearly Elizabeth trusted her most. But still I wondered why we had to begin the preparation in 6. 30 in the morning when the party would take place as far as 8 p.m. Anyway, I supposed that we had really lots of work to do for the princess’ big day and I’d better started doing what I was told. As it was Saturday, the bosses weren’t going to work and they would be in the house probably during the whole day which kind of bothered me. I didn’t know how I would be able to stand the condescending Katherine and the little sassy princess for an entire day but I didn’t have a choice.

Luckily, Chase was the only one who was in the house. He didn’t sleep in only because it was the weekend but he got up at about 8 a.m. Katherine came downstairs half an hour after him and instead of having breakfast with her husband, she went out by herself, taking her own car which was one of the latest models of BMW. She had dressed up because, as I heard in the kitchen, she had some official breakfast with friends from the foundation in which she participated and after that she had to visit an art-gallery opening. This probably meant she wouldn’t be around for the most part of the day which was fine by me. I wasn’t willing to look at her cold and nasty face expression, which didn’t seem to change at all, for all day. So, she left without even talking to her husband which was really rude. I served his coffee and breakfast and we had a small talk about the weather outside and the main news in the daily press which I’d brought to him. He said he would help us with anything we needed for the preparation of the party which sounded really nice.

Elizabeth was also in the house but she was sleeping in her room. And, as I understood from the others, she would most certainly be sleeping until the afternoon so that she would be fresh for the party in the evening. Well, this didn’t surprise me because I already knew that the princess was used to sleeping late because she didn’t have anything else to do but go around the cafes, the malls and the discos. So, it seemed it would be just me, Erika, Jack, Joseph, Chase, and Janette who wasn’t doing anything but giving orders to all of us.

Early Breakfast At The Smiths

early breakfast with smithI walked in the kitchen and as I said everyone there was working very hard. Erika was preparing some milk for the baby and Joseph was making some kind of toasts with, as it seemed, whole-wheat bread, low-fat cheese and green salad. He was using his other hand to bake some bacon and eggs and several slices of white bread. Yes! Someone except me actually ate bacon and eggs. I hoped there would be some for me, too because I was already starving. Apparently my appetite was back. Janette was working, too. Only her work was to tell the others what to do which was not a real work in my opinion.

Anyway, I said “good morning” and I heard an answer only from Erika and Joseph. They were both very nice colleagues. Oh, and Jack as well. Only Janette didn’t bother to say “good morning”. She said: “Oh, here you are finally. Make sure you don’t sleep in anymore. Now get to work! You can start by squeezing around ten oranges and making some fresh juice for breakfast.” I had slept in? This woman was unbelievable! I had got up at 6 o’clock in the morning, for God’s sake! I hadn’t done that many times in my life so far but I did it now and I was at work on time. What the hell did she want from me? The good thing was she woke me up as I got very angry. Before I could utter a word to defend myself, Janette left the kitchen. She was so calm and confident and she commanded everyone in such cold blood that she didn’t even seem to realize it. Now, I had to squeeze “around ten oranges” which was quite a lot by the way, and make juice. Erika tried to be helpful: “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to her, just like we did.” And this was supposed to make me feel better? Well, it couldn’t.

I began squeezing the oranges and my hand started hurting yet around the fourth one. I was told that the breakfast was at seven sharp so we all had to hurry up. Luckily, Joseph had already prepared the breakfast so he helped me with the orange juice and we were ready at 6:55. I hurried to prepare the table for breakfast. I put plates, cups, glasses, forks, spoons, knives, napkins, etc. The bosses came and I had to serve breakfast. I served espresso to Chase, black coffee to Katherine and a special latte with no sugar to Elizabeth. I also filled their glasses with fresh orange juice and I finally served their breakfast. It was a cereal meal for Katherine, a super low-fat sandwich for the princess, bacon with eggs and toast for Chase and fruit for everyone. Clearly, Chase had my breakfast taste.

Vinegar Is An Effective Cleaner

We all like it when our place is clean and tidy and we do everything we can to keep it that way using various and many products. When we turn on the TV we constantly see commercials about different cleaning products, washing powders, etc. which are represented as very useful and we are often tempted to buy them and try them out. But how many of them are really effective? I can say from experience that many of those products are not nearly as effective as they are advertised; some of them even cause allergies and other problems. So why don’t we turn to nature for that purpose? Natural products are always better than anything else that contains chemicals and some other unknown substances. Vinegar, for example, is one of the natural products that can be used besides as a supplement to our salads and dishes, as a very effective cleaner. Yes, vinegar can help us clean many surfaces at our home. Moreover, it is cheap and it saves us a lot of money.

Firstly, vinegar can be used in washing. You can soak clothes in vinegar before washing them and this will prevent the colours from running. If there are Chinese bride price some stains on the clothes that cannot be removed with other cleaning compounds vinegar will remove them for sure. It cleans coffee, wine, ketchup, etc. By using vinegar in your laundry the colours of your clothes will even get brighter.

Vinegar can also be used in the kitchen. It effectively diminishes unpleasant odours from food leftovers or from the garbage bin. Our kitchen is sometimes infested by insects such as ants and in those cases vinegar can drive them away. Every kitchen utensil that needs cleaning also can be cleaned up with the help of vinegar. It cleans counters, stoves, ovens, refrigerators and many other surfaces. The floors can also be washed with water and vinegar solution.

The use of vinegar can also be applied in the bathroom. It easily cleans up stains in the toilet and soap marks and other dirt under the showers or in the bathtub.

Vinegar can also be used when cleaning windows. They are usually more difficult to clean but vinegar makes them look sparkling. Just add it to the water and wash the windows. You will immediately notice the effect.

The magical cleaner called vinegar can be used all around the house without any problems. You should not worry about its smell because it does not smell unpleasant and besides that it neutralizes all unwanted odours. You just need to try it in order to believe it and vinegar will become one of your best helpers with the domestic chores.


Cleanliness As A Passion

Cleaning job is a passion

I’ve heard people talking about different kinds of dreams. Some of them want to marry a rich man, some are planning to trip around the world, others dream to become great writers, painters or photographers.

You may think it is weird, but my dream was very different from the ordinary ones. I wanted everything in the world to shine with cleanliness. The smallest spot on somebody’s clothes, most insignificant mot at the mirror or dirtiness at the glass could ruin my mood for hours.

Some psychologists might tell I am a cleanliness maniac because of my childhood. My mother didn’t like domestic cleaning work very much. And my father was interested only in the remote and the newspaper at the end of the workday. The psychologists could be right, I don’t care. Everything I say is that dirty things make me sick. Make me sick on the street, made me sick at school, make me sick in the homes of friends of mine.

You understand that the life of a guy, who is mad about cleanliness isn’t easy. Especially in teenage years. Scornful look of my father and my classmates’ ridicule couldn’t stop me to do what I knew I have to do. In weekends I woke up early and scoured the whole house. I started with the stove, wiped up the dust from the furniture, cleaned the floor and in the end I polished the bathroom. Then I was just sitting and enjoying the cleanliness and silence while the others in the house were still sleeping. These moments were my favourite. Everything was perfect for several minutes.

In the beginning my mother felt some kind of inconvenience because I was doing her job, but she got used to it very fast. Her conscience was calmed and she often told her friends: “My son likes cleanliness very much. He might become an owner of a cleaning house someday ”.

And become sugar baby I had to become one. My mother’s wish caught me up. You probably guess I became a cleaner immediately after my graduating. First I worked in a firm, cleaning the streets, but soon I moved to a cleaning company focused on houses and offices. I have raised very fast. This was my vocation.

Soon I became a manager and few years later I saved enough money to start my own small business. Don’t think my everyday work makes me like cleaning less. Just the opposite – I forbid my wife to clean our house and I do it myself twice a week… What can I do? Cleaning is my biggest passion.


Being Good At What You Do Matters Most

Some people like to do many things at once. Jack-of-all-trades they call them. They can't possibly specialise in one single activity hence no real professionalism. Offering many services and all of them carried out at a low quality level is not really making things work.

Why do people do it then?
Honestly? No idea. Maybe they think they will deceive clients into believing that by offering a huge amount of services they are a top banana.

Big mistake. In my honest opinion a real company needs to add value to its namee not by jamming its website with a 1001 and one service offerings but specialise in one or two core activities and Unique Online Directory about Viagra & ED. become real experts in that sphere.

This is exactly what we do. Being cleaning professionals for many years we decided to specialise in house cleaning and carpet cleaning. This is where we are best at what we do. Combined together our cleaning and management team have more than a hundred years of hands on experience in the cleaning field. Being out there and knowing every little detail involved is what makes our powerful cleaning machine tick like a Swiss clockwork.

We are proud that we can deliver exceptionally good house and carpet cleaning solutions to our clients today.

Tomorrow we may add a few other services but not after we have ensured our service quality stays at its top level.

How To Maintain Cleaning Equipment

Having all kinds of cleaning tools and equipment makes you ready for any cleaning tasks that require completion. Sadly, cleaning itself is so continuous and tiring that it’s easy to forget about maintaining and cleaning your tools. Knowing how to do that will help you keep them working efficiently and will let you save money that you’d spend in replacing everything.

1. Take care of your vacuum cleaner – it’s essential to your household and it needs maintenance more than any other cleaning tool in your home.

You have to keep the vacuum bag clean and empty. Air must be able to flow through it, and if the airflow is blocked by debris and dust, the vacuum won’t work that well. Vacuums without bags should be emptied after every use.

It’s also important to replace or clean the air filter. You should do that every other time you use it. brides of ukraine It’s easy – just remove the built-up dust with your fingers. After a while – several months, or a year – the filter has to be replaced

Another important step is to clean the brush roll. That’s the spinning part of the vacuum that brushes dirt up from the floor to be sucked into the vacuum; it can easily get tangled in long hairs or fibres. These can usually be removed with either your fingers or a pair of scissors.

2. Clean and maintain your broom and dustpan. The broom is the other important household tool, and it gets damaged and dirty very quickly. Bent bristles won’t clean at all. Thankfully, there are some ways to prolong a broom’s life.

Find a way to hang your broom somewhere –the bristles won’t bend as easily if the broom stands on them.

Regularly comb the broom’s bristles. That way you remove dirt and dust that’s logged throughout them. An old, cheap plastic comb will to the job.

Wash both the dustpan and the broom with soapy water. Pat them dry or leave them to air dry before you use them again.

3. Keep your sponges and other scrubbing tools sanitized. Abrasive scrubbing pads and sponges are perfect for washing dished, wiping flat surfaces and scrubbing areas such as utility sinks and bathtubs. It is crucial, however, to keep the sponges clean, as they quickly become covered in bacteria.

Soak them in a mild bleach solution for about 5 minutes – that’s the most effective way to reduce bacteria. If, however, you don’t want to use bleach, soak the sponges in undiluted vinegar – it will kill 99% of the bacteria.

Other options for disinfecting the sponges include putting them in the dishwasher with your dishes and heating them in a microwave oven. For the latter, saturate the sponge with water and heat it for 2 minutes.

4. Run cleaning cloths and mop heads through the washing machine. Other tools which you should clean regularly include micro-fibre cleaning cloths, rags and mop heads. These can be cleaned in the washing machine with a regular detergent. Instead of tumble-drying them in a dryer, let the micro-fibre cloths dry in the air.

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