How to Keep Your Kitchen Bright and Shiny

Domestic cleaning- kitchen

The kitchen is a place where most of the housewives spend a lot of time cooking; on top of that the resulting mess needs to be cleaned as well. Although that obligation is not quite pleasant, you no longer need to worry about ugly stains on your counter, darkened cutlery or ovens covered in oily marks as I will share a few tips with you that will turn cleaning into a piece of cake.

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The cutting board is one of the objects in a kitchen that are really difficult to clean. You can’t apply any detergent on them as they are in direct contact with your food. However, you can squeeze a lemon and pour the juice on the chopping board, then scrub it with a brush that is not too stiff and wait for 20 minutes, after that you can rinse what is left and you board will be clean again.

The majority of housewives who have experienced the difficulty of cleaning the bottom part of a frying pan can now be relieved as there is a tricky way to remove the build-up unpleasant substances. You won’t even have to use any store bought cleaning agents. The solutions is as simple as that – spread a thick layer of salt on the bottom surface of the pan and leave it for about 3-4 hours, then you can easily scrape the dirt away.

After a certain period of time the cutlery starts changing its true colour and the dull shades usually cannot be removed by the dishwashing detergents. That is not a reason to worry, though, as an easy and chemical-free method of cleaning it exists. Put your darkened cutlery in an aluminium container and add some baking soda, then pour hot water just enough to cover the contents. You can get the cutlery out as soon as their colours come back, after that you only have to polish them with a cotton cloth.

Microwave ovens are an irreplaceable part of every household as they are super easy to use. When it comes to cleaning, though, things are not so pleasant. A lot of dishes get spilled in it and oily spots are something that can often be seen inside them, again, that is not a problem anymore. Simply, put a cup of water in the oven and add some baking soda, then turn on the microwave so that the water starts boiling. Apart from having killed the bad odour, the baking soda would have made it much easier for you to clean any impurity in the oven.

My last tip is about the dishwasher – a very help device for every modern family. Just as it is true that this machine does a lot of cleaning, so it is that it needs to be cleaned itself. In order to keep it desinfected, you can pour a cup of vinegar and place it inside, then turn on the dishwasher. (Note: Do not put anything else in it.)