Seeing the Bosses Out

waiting-for-th bosses-to-go-outThe breakfast was served and all this tasty food, I mean the bacon and the eggs, made me even hungrier. The rest of the food didn’t appeal to me as it seemed too low-fat and tasteless. I was asked by Chase to go outside and take the daily press and bring it in the dining room so that he can look through it while having his morning coffee and breakfast. I went out and I ran because I was freezing as I was wearing just a thin shirt. I found the newspapers, arranged them and brought them to Chase. He told me I was free for now and I went to the kitchen to search for something to eat as I was really starving. I asked Joseph whether I could have anything and he said: “Don’t worry, Mel, just sit down over there and I’ll prepare something quick and delicious for you”. Oh, he was so nice. He made me a rich turkey sandwich with fries and salad and he had also spared some bacon with eggs which he gave me as well. He filled a cup of coffee and served it to me, too. I was so thankful that I wanted to hug him but I didn’t. I just thanked him and I saved my profuse breakfast for later when the bosses would be gone to work. I only had my coffee because I really needed caffeine to wake up.

I was really curious what Chase and Katherine did for a living and I couldn’t help asking Joseph about it. He explained to me that Chase was an editor-in-chief for a famous London magazine and Katherine was the manager of a prestigious fashion company in the city. He also let me know they were really busy and important people and they had a real fortune so we were all lucky to work for them. Well, I agree about the fortune because it was obvious but I still didn’t know whether I was so fortunate to be here. But I tried to be optimistic and believe it would all turn out well.

I finished my coffee and I went to the dining room to check if the bosses needed anything. They were already leaving so they asked me to tell Jack to get the car ready to drive them to work and respectively to school. All this was done, I went outside to accompany them and I was mesmerized by their car which I hadn’t seen so far. It was a huge white land rover which was certainly the latest model and it cost a whole fortune. They got inside and took off but I couldn’t take my eyes off the perfect car.