A Few Good Books On Cleaning

Cleaning and organising one’s home isn’t always an easy endeavour. One requires time and experience in order to do it right. But, fear not – here is a list of books that will make your life much easier, cleaner and more organised. If you’re like me and require help in the area – carry on.

Nowadays we are all busy. We always need to do something or need to be somewhere – there is little time to waste. And cleaning can be really time-consuming. If you’re looking for tips and trick on how to quickly clean your home– look no further – ‘Speed Cleaning’ by the Clean Team is just the book for you. There are some very good advices on how to clean swiftly and efficiently. You can take a look at this one if you’re tired of having to compromise with your leisure time in order to clean your home.

‘Confessions of an Organized Homemaker: The Secrets of Uncluttering Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life’ by Denise Schofield is a great title for those of you who want help in organising their homes better. There are hundreds of neat tips and tricks and the book is very well structured (I guess that is to be expected from this sort of work) and it is pretty simple to find exactly what you’re searching for. There are tons of practical recommendations so if you don’t like living in a disorganised environment and need some assistance – get this one and you won’t be sorry.

We all hate stains, right? Some of them are really hard to clean, even with numerous attempts and products. Luckily, I recently came by this on a book-shelf – ‘Field Guide on Stains’ by Virginia M. Friedman, Mellisa Wagner and Nancy Armstrong. This field guide will help you extinguish any ghastly spot, stain and any synonym or derivative of these words you can think of. It’s absolutely amazing. There is much in-depth information and it’s a really interesting read (I can’t believe I’m saying about a book on cleaning). If you have problems with persistent little buggers, this book is a must.

And finally, if you’re a hopelessly messy person – your salvation has arrived. ‘The New Messies Manual’ by Sandra Felton, the founder of MA (Messies Anonymous) will help you start a crusade against your own bad habits and the chaos in your flat or house.

In order to win the war, one must first know your enemy and know oneself. So read and then create a better habitat for yourself and your family. Good luck.