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The How-to of Home Cleaning Volume 1

The How-to of Home Cleaning Volume 1The duties of a housewife are just too much to count them all in an internet post. One of the most important of those duties, by far, is the cleaning. Maintaining a clean home means not only that it will look good, but it will also be a safer and healthier environment for you and your loved ones. This is why it is among the top priorities of the good housewives. Since it involves so much, I will try to give you some ideas, explanations, tips, hints and basics of the home cleaning. Hopefully, you will find it helpful in the future, or you will see the solution of a problem you have been struggling with for a while now. Here we go!

1. In order to remove mould from clothes you need to soak them in yogurt overnight and wash them in the washing machine in the morning.

2. Your child’s crayon drawings on your painted walls can be easily removed using nothing but olive oil.

3. When your sheets are worn out, you can cut them and make yourself new pillow cases.

4. In order to remove lipstick stains from cotton fabrics you can use a piece of cloth soaked in alcohol.

5. Add a little bit of shampoo on a grease stain to prepare it for cleaning. Then, wash in the washing machine and the stain will be gone.

6. You can use nail polish remover to get the price tag off your newly purchased item.

7. Paint the top part of your keys to be able to always use the right one for every door.

8.  Sort the clothes according to the fabrics they are made of to save time the next time you iron or wash them.

9. If you notice a button getting loose, do not wait until it falls. It is a matter of a couple of minutes to fix it.

10. Make a freshener out of soap. Many people use soaps as fresheners for their dresser – all you have to do is to take the soap out of the box and leave it in there. In order to get the most of the aroma of the soap, grind it and put it in a thin sock.

11. Cut the old torn socks. That’s right! Cut your old torn socks and then stich those together to make yourself a great cleaning rag to wipe your car or whatever you want to.

12. Instead of using a rag to dust around your home, try doing it by hand. Put on a pair of white cotton gloves on and apply the furniture cleaner on the gloves.


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Seeing the Bosses Out

waiting-for-th bosses-to-go-outThe breakfast was served and all this tasty food, I mean the bacon and the eggs, made me even hungrier. The rest of the food didn’t appeal to me as it seemed too low-fat and tasteless. I was asked by Chase to go outside and take the daily press and bring it in the dining room so that he can look through it while having his morning coffee and breakfast. I went out and I ran because I was freezing as I was wearing just a thin shirt. I found the newspapers, arranged them and brought them to Chase. He told me I was free for now and I went to the kitchen to search for something to eat as I was really starving. I asked Joseph whether I could have anything and he said: “Don’t worry, Mel, just sit down over there and I’ll prepare something quick and delicious for you”. Oh, he was so nice. He made me a rich turkey sandwich with fries and salad and he had also spared some bacon with eggs which he gave me as well. He filled a cup of coffee and served it to me, too. I was so thankful that I wanted to hug him but I didn’t. I just thanked him and I saved my profuse breakfast for later when the bosses would be gone to work. I only had my coffee because I really needed caffeine to wake up.

I was really curious what Chase and Katherine did for a living and I couldn’t help asking Joseph about it. He explained to me that Chase was an editor-in-chief for a famous London magazine and Katherine was the manager of a prestigious fashion company in the city. He also let me know they were really busy and important people and they had a real fortune so we were all lucky to work for them. Well, I agree about the fortune because it was obvious but I still didn’t know whether I was so fortunate to be here. But I tried to be optimistic and believe it would all turn out well.

I finished my coffee and I went to the dining room to check if the bosses needed anything. They were already leaving so they asked me to tell Jack to get the car ready to drive them to work and respectively to school. All this was done, I went outside to accompany them and I was mesmerized by their car which I hadn’t seen so far. It was a huge white land rover which was certainly the latest model and it cost a whole fortune. They got inside and took off but I couldn’t take my eyes off the perfect car.

Meeting the Competition

Meeting The CompetitionJack was obviously joking with me and no matter how angry and wet I was, I started laughing as well and I told him I would get this back to him. I went in my room to change my uniform but then I realized I didn’t have another uniform as Chase had given me only this one. What I was going to do? Of course, I couldn’t work with those wet clothes so I had to think of something immediately. I didn’t have any other choice but to put on some of my own clothes. I couldn’t be long gone as Janette would freak out if she didn’t find me working. I put some skinny jeans and a cute green shirt on as this was the first thing I could find in my wardrobe. Those clothes were too nice for work but I actually didn’t have any that would be suitable for sweeping and rubbing. I also took a jacket because it was a bit cold outside; I looked at the mirror for a second to fix my humid hair at least a little bit and I left the room as quickly as possible. I looked horrible but I didn’t have any time so I had to get back to work.

As I went outside, I saw a woman who was circling the garden and obviously looking for someone. I hadn’t seen her so far but after all I had been living there for just two days and I supposed she was a friend of someone from the family or the staff. I approached her and I asked her kindly if I could help her with something. She answered: “Oh, actually yes. I read an advertisement in the newspaper that you are looking for a fulltime maid and I’m here to apply for the position. I have the necessary qualifications and experience and I think I will be really useful for you. Can I speak with the owner, please?” Well, the woman was really nice and polite but she obviously wanted to take my position and I couldn’t let this happen. After the luck I’d had to be hired so quickly and easily, after the fact that I had begun to get along so well with almost all my colleagues and after all obstacles and trouble I’d gone through just for two days here I just couldn’t let anyone take this opportunity away from me as I really needed it. So, I didn’t hesitate for a moment how to act. This was a real competition…

The End Of A Really Long Workday

The End of a Really Long WorkdayAs Janette instructed me what to do next, I began working without thinking much as I wanted to finish as soon as possible. I cleaned up what was left on the table, I wiped it, I polished it, then I cleaned the counters, the sink, the floor, etc. After that, I removed the leftovers from the plates and I put all dishes in the dishwasher. I waited for them to be washed and then I dried them and placed them in the cupboards. I looked around – everything seemed to be done already. Everything was clean and shiny and well-arranged and I was glad I had done my job perfectly. But most of all, I was happy I could finally go to bed. I only hoped that Janette would not appear again and find more work for me. So, I had to leave as quickly as possible without wasting any more time. I switched off the lights and I closed the kitchen door behind me.

I headed my room which I had seen only once but I felt really glad and relieved. I went into the room, locked the door and I looked around. The room was still really nice as I remembered it and it, strangely but true, made me feel home. It felt almost like my old room as it was designed in my favourite colour blue just like the one back in Brighton. It emanated peace and comfort. Then I found out my bags were still unpacked and as tired as I was, I had to take my stuff out and organize my room a little because I guessed I wouldn’t have time on the following day as I had to get up early for work. I took everything out of the bags, I arranged my clothes in the small wardrobe, I put my cosmetics on the shelf in front of the mirror and this was pretty much all. I hadn’t brought many things with me because I didn’t need them. I just wanted a fresh start.

Anyway, I looked around the room and it was all set. I was finally ready to go to bed. I took off my uniform, I quickly put on a shirt and some pants and I snuggled under the fluffy blue coverlet. That was it! I’d been dreaming of that moment for so long that it looked almost surreal. I thought of everything that had happened during the day and I couldn’t believe it. In just one day, my life had turned into a completely different direction. I was in London and I was working for one of the wealthiest families in Southwark. I guess that’s what I had wanted. I relaxed my body and I sank in the bed. I’d probably fallen asleep immediately.

The Start Of The Princess Big Day

The Start of the Princess Big DayElizabeth was turning 17 and there would be a great birthday party in the house for whose organization and preparation we were responsible. Janette, of course, was the main organizer of the event because clearly Elizabeth trusted her most. But still I wondered why we had to begin the preparation in 6. 30 in the morning when the party would take place as far as 8 p.m. Anyway, I supposed that we had really lots of work to do for the princess’ big day and I’d better started doing what I was told. As it was Saturday, the bosses weren’t going to work and they would be in the house probably during the whole day which kind of bothered me. I didn’t know how I would be able to stand the condescending Katherine and the little sassy princess for an entire day but I didn’t have a choice.

Luckily, Chase was the only one who was in the house. He didn’t sleep in only because it was the weekend but he got up at about 8 a.m. Katherine came downstairs half an hour after him and instead of having breakfast with her husband, she went out by herself, taking her own car which was one of the latest models of BMW. She had dressed up because, as I heard in the kitchen, she had some official breakfast with friends from the foundation in which she participated and after that she had to visit an art-gallery opening. This probably meant she wouldn’t be around for the most part of the day which was fine by me. I wasn’t willing to look at her cold and nasty face expression, which didn’t seem to change at all, for all day. So, she left without even talking to her husband which was really rude. I served his coffee and breakfast and we had a small talk about the weather outside and the main news in the daily press which I’d brought to him. He said he would help us with anything we needed for the preparation of the party which sounded really nice.

Elizabeth was also in the house but she was sleeping in her room. And, as I understood from the others, she would most certainly be sleeping until the afternoon so that she would be fresh for the party in the evening. Well, this didn’t surprise me because I already knew that the princess was used to sleeping late because she didn’t have anything else to do but go around the cafes, the malls and the discos. So, it seemed it would be just me, Erika, Jack, Joseph, Chase, and Janette who wasn’t doing anything but giving orders to all of us.

Early Breakfast At The Smiths

early breakfast with smithI walked in the kitchen and as I said everyone there was working very hard. Erika was preparing some milk for the baby and Joseph was making some kind of toasts with, as it seemed, whole-wheat bread, low-fat cheese and green salad. He was using his other hand to bake some bacon and eggs and several slices of white bread. Yes! Someone except me actually ate bacon and eggs. I hoped there would be some for me, too because I was already starving. Apparently my appetite was back. Janette was working, too. Only her work was to tell the others what to do which was not a real work in my opinion.

Anyway, I said “good morning” and I heard an answer only from Erika and Joseph. They were both very nice colleagues. Oh, and Jack as well. Only Janette didn’t bother to say “good morning”. She said: “Oh, here you are finally. Make sure you don’t sleep in anymore. Now get to work! You can start by squeezing around ten oranges and making some fresh juice for breakfast.” I had slept in? This woman was unbelievable! I had got up at 6 o’clock in the morning, for God’s sake! I hadn’t done that many times in my life so far but I did it now and I was at work on time. What the hell did she want from me? The good thing was she woke me up as I got very angry. Before I could utter a word to defend myself, Janette left the kitchen. She was so calm and confident and she commanded everyone in such cold blood that she didn’t even seem to realize it. Now, I had to squeeze “around ten oranges” which was quite a lot by the way, and make juice. Erika tried to be helpful: “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to her, just like we did.” And this was supposed to make me feel better? Well, it couldn’t.

I began squeezing the oranges and my hand started hurting yet around the fourth one. I was told that the breakfast was at seven sharp so we all had to hurry up. Luckily, Joseph had already prepared the breakfast so he helped me with the orange juice and we were ready at 6:55. I hurried to prepare the table for breakfast. I put plates, cups, glasses, forks, spoons, knives, napkins, etc. The bosses came and I had to serve breakfast. I served espresso to Chase, black coffee to Katherine and a special latte with no sugar to Elizabeth. I also filled their glasses with fresh orange juice and I finally served their breakfast. It was a cereal meal for Katherine, a super low-fat sandwich for the princess, bacon with eggs and toast for Chase and fruit for everyone. Clearly, Chase had my breakfast taste.

A Situation With The Sprinklers

a situation witgh the sprinklersI was so annoyed! Janette interrupted our pleasant conversation just when it was becoming so interesting and we were starting to get into details. She was awful. Erika ran in direction to the second floor where little Nate was probably sleeping. Joseph took some meat out of the fridge and started chopping it, as it seemed he began preparing lunch although it was pretty early for that. I didn’t have some kind of working schedule yet or at least I wasn’t told what to do exactly so I didn’t know where to begin.

I dared to ask Janette, which turned a big mistake: “Well, it seems to me there is plenty of work in this house, new girl. Start from somewhere and don’t bother me with your issues.” My issues? They would become her issues if she continued to be a bitch to me. I thought she was the one who was supposed to give me orders and instruct me what to do if not give me some assistance, which was clearly impossible in her case. Well, since there wasn’t anyone to tell me what to do, I had to decide myself. Obviously, I had to clean and tidy up the whole house and that probably had to happen every single day.

So, I decided to start by cleaning the garden. I really needed fresh air and some peace and privacy so I took the necessary tools and materials and I went outside. Jack was, of course, already there taking care of the flower bushes and the grass in the beautiful garden. He said: “Hey, Mel, how is your second day going?” I replied with “It couldn’t be better” which was definitely ironic and I let him know that by my fake smile and my face expression. I swept the front and the back yard until everything became spotlessly clean. Jack said he was going to have his breakfast and he went in the kitchen. I looked around and everything was fine except the dry leaves which were in the middle of the green grass, making it ugly. I stepped into the grass to remove them but I was unpleasantly surprised. Jack had turned the sprinklers on and before I could run away I was wet from head to feet. The water was cold and I wanted to scream and, of course, kill Jack. Who turns on the sprinklers when it will most certainly rain? We live in London, for God! I headed my room so that I can change my clothes and then I noticed Jack standing at the front door, laughing at me.

Cleansing Rituals

cleaning rituals cleaning expertsAfter a long, stressful day everybody is eager to come back to their cosy home and relax. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Quite often, from the first step inside you have to get down to business – cleaning, cooking, and children.

But worry no more! I would like to bring to your attention a system that could help you keep your home clean and tidy and save you a lot of time.

The first key words you will need to familiarize yourselves with are “hot spot” and “fling boogie”. Hot spot is the place in your home where you can leave a note and all of a sudden there’s a pile of notes and memos. It could be on the coffee table, on the fridge or anywhere really. What you need to do is stay on top of those notes and memos. Keep them in one place – don’t let them conquer your living space. And, of course, try to finish the tasks in those memos!


Fling boogie is a way to fight the chaos at home by cleaning 27 things every day.

Another thing you can do is probably the most important of them all. It’s called the Evening Ritual. It is something that you do each and every night. First, before you go to bed clean up your home. I don’t say you have to sanitize the place and make it perfect – just put the table away, do the dishes, pick up dirty clothes and get the house ready for tomorrow. Second, think about the next day. Look at the schedule – think about what you can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, prepare the clothes you will wear. Finally, give yourself some credit – take a hot bath or read a book. It is important to end the ritual with enjoyment.

If this seems like too much try beginning your evening ritual with small steps. Clean the sink until it’s shiny, get your outfit out of the dresser, put your old clothes in the laundry, and brush your teeth.

Once you get comfortable with the evening ritual you might start your morning ritual. It is similar to the first one only you do it when you get up. Start with making the bed and dressing up. Next step is to clean the bathroom and head for the kitchen. Remember to appreciate yourself! To summarize, dress yourself, make the bed, maintain cleanliness in the bathroom and the kitchen. Each morning do your morning ritual and each evening, before going to bed, do your evening ritual.

These rituals might seem like a burden, but once you get accustomed to doing it on a daily basis you will not even notice what it takes you to keep your place of living neat and tidy.

Cleaning PV Panels

cleaning pv panelsAs the snow is quietly piling outside it is reshaping the city view, turning it into a fairytale. It brings the Christmas spirit in the hearts of many, and it is the source of joy and laughter for all children in the winter vacation.  But not for those, who own a photovoltaic installation. The emotions they experience are on the other end of the planet. For one, the production is reduced, second, if the snow is too heavy, the installations are at risk.
Here are a few tips for the second kind of people.

First of all, you need to ensure the protection of your photovoltaic installations. You can do so by adjusting the panels at 40 degrees or even more so that the snow cannot pile over them. You can also clean them manually, depending on the size of the installation and whether you can easily access it.

You can also get yourself an automatic snow cleaning system. It is similar to a windshield wiper. It activates itself whenever a snowfall occurs. There is a wiper that moves vertically over the panel non-stop in both directions to make sure snow does not stick to the surface, therefore preventing layering of snow that could damage the panel.

Your last option is by far the most up-to-date method, but it could be a little pricy. It is better to use that in a country where there is lots of snow and such an expensive equipment can actually be worth its price.

The same company offers another product that works against dust. In areas where pollution is an issue, the panels can get too dirty to function. Just like snow in wintertime, dust and dirt can pile up forming a thick enough layer to prevent the panel from doing what it is supposed to. The product the company sells is similar to the previous one I described only the wiper in this one is equipped with water sprinkler. It moves up and down and not only wipes, but also rinses off and washes the panel. It is, of course, not recommended to be used in winter time when low temperatures can cause the water to freeze and potentially damage the surface of the panel.

The snow, however, has a positive effect as well. If the panels are cleaned well enough the reflection of the sun the shiny snow cover provides increases the absorption of light. It is pretty much like a sun enhancer! The low temperatures have been proven to increase the work capacity of the photovoltaic panels. The highest amount of produced energy ever recorded was in a cold sunny day, when the snow had covered everything in sight. The panel actually exceeded the manufacturers’ predictions that day!

Clean Toys – Healthy Baby

clean-toys-healthy babyMy baby has all kinds of toys and as any other kid it always plays with them. Naturally, they get dirty after rolling on the floor all day or something similar to that. Children don’t realize it but toys can get very filthy after frequent using. They attract a whole bunch of germs, microorganisms, etc. I don’t want my kid to get ill because of some toys. This is why I like to sanitize every single item which is in contact with the baby. This is the only way to keep her safe. As babies haven’t developed a strong immune system yet, special precautions have to be taken. I do my best to keep my baby healthy and I don’t want to take any risks. After all, she could easily put a dirty stuffed animal in her mouth and by that swallow the dirt causing some kind of illness. This is the main reason why toys should be cleaned often using only safe products and chemicals (they can also be harm if parents aren’t careful).

So here’s what I do to protect my child from the dangerous bacteria.

Usually when my baby plays, she quite often drops the certain items she’s holding in her hands. They fall on the ground where we all walk. So I have no choice but to wipe them. I find extremely useful those baby wipes. They’re actually good for everything. The best part is that they sanitize well, that’s why I like them so much. I even clean the baby’s hands with wipes while we’re out and there’s no water around. Yes, I can surely say they do a pretty good job. However, I use wipes only when we’re talking about normal toys and belongings. But there are some that are meant to go in the baby’s mouth. These ones I put in boiling water. You might think I’m too protective but the doctor assured me this is a sure way for my daughter to play with clean toys. I follow this method especially for pacifiers and teething toys. Putting them in the hot water, I add just a bit of liquid soap. Afterwards I never forget to check whether the soap’s rinsed off entirely. I don’t want to leave anything to chance, right?

I have another trick, too. Making my own mixture consisting of white vinegar and warm water is just another way to maintain the cleanliness. This is my own cleaning product which I’m proud of because it removes dirt like nothing else. To add, it’s harmless compared to the expensive chemicals.

I also take care of items with stuck food in them. My baby has the habit of eating and playing simultaneously. This happens often, but luckily the solution to the problem is easy. I wipe these toys with a slightly wet sponge and then it’s all fine.

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