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Meeting the Competition

Meeting The CompetitionJack was obviously joking with me and no matter how angry and wet I was, I started laughing as well and I told him I would get this back to him. I went in my room to change my uniform but then I realized I didn’t have another uniform as Chase had given me only this one. What I was going to do? Of course, I couldn’t work with those wet clothes so I had to think of something immediately. I didn’t have any other choice but to put on some of my own clothes. I couldn’t be long gone as Janette would freak out if she didn’t find me working. I put some skinny jeans and a cute green shirt on as this was the first thing I could find in my wardrobe. Those clothes were too nice for work but I actually didn’t have any that would be suitable for sweeping and rubbing. I also took a jacket because it was a bit cold outside; I looked at the mirror for a second to fix my humid hair at least a little bit and I left the room as quickly as possible. I looked horrible but I didn’t have any time so I had to get back to work.

As I went outside, I saw a woman who was circling the garden and obviously looking for someone. I hadn’t seen her so far but after all I had been living there for just two days and I supposed she was a friend of someone from the family or the staff. I approached her and I asked her kindly if I could help her with something. She answered: “Oh, actually yes. I read an advertisement in the newspaper that you are looking for a fulltime maid and I’m here to apply for the position. I have the necessary qualifications and experience and I think I will be really useful for you. Can I speak with the owner, please?” Well, the woman was really nice and polite but she obviously wanted to take my position and I couldn’t let this happen. After the luck I’d had to be hired so quickly and easily, after the fact that I had begun to get along so well with almost all my colleagues and after all obstacles and trouble I’d gone through just for two days here I just couldn’t let anyone take this opportunity away from me as I really needed it. So, I didn’t hesitate for a moment how to act. This was a real competition…

Clean Toys – Healthy Baby

clean-toys-healthy babyMy baby has all kinds of toys and as any other kid it always plays with them. Naturally, they get dirty after rolling on the floor all day or something similar to that. Children don’t realize it but toys can get very filthy after frequent using. They attract a whole bunch of germs, microorganisms, etc. I don’t want my kid to get ill because of some toys. This is why I like to sanitize every single item which is in contact with the baby. This is the only way to keep her safe. As babies haven’t developed a strong immune system yet, special precautions have to be taken. I do my best to keep my baby healthy and I don’t want to take any risks. After all, she could easily put a dirty stuffed animal in her mouth and by that swallow the dirt causing some kind of illness. This is the main reason why toys should be cleaned often using only safe products and chemicals (they can also be harm if parents aren’t careful).

So here’s what I do to protect my child from the dangerous bacteria.

Usually when my baby plays, she quite often drops the certain items she’s holding in her hands. They fall on the ground where we all walk. So I have no choice but to wipe them. I find extremely useful those baby wipes. They’re actually good for everything. The best part is that they sanitize well, that’s why I like them so much. I even clean the baby’s hands with wipes while we’re out and there’s no water around. Yes, I can surely say they do a pretty good job. However, I use wipes only when we’re talking about normal toys and belongings. But there are some that are meant to go in the baby’s mouth. These ones I put in boiling water. You might think I’m too protective but the doctor assured me this is a sure way for my daughter to play with clean toys. I follow this method especially for pacifiers and teething toys. Putting them in the hot water, I add just a bit of liquid soap. Afterwards I never forget to check whether the soap’s rinsed off entirely. I don’t want to leave anything to chance, right?

I have another trick, too. Making my own mixture consisting of white vinegar and warm water is just another way to maintain the cleanliness. This is my own cleaning product which I’m proud of because it removes dirt like nothing else. To add, it’s harmless compared to the expensive chemicals.

I also take care of items with stuck food in them. My baby has the habit of eating and playing simultaneously. This happens often, but luckily the solution to the problem is easy. I wipe these toys with a slightly wet sponge and then it’s all fine.

How To Clean Your Rugs And Carpets

Often no matter how hard you try you just can’t protect the flooring and the carpets. Accidents do happen. In fact, your rugs and carpets are never safe. Even if you’re extremely cautious, except the fact that the carpets will never stay the same. After some time holes might start appearing or they’ll simply change their colours. This is inevitable. However, you shouldn’t think of all the possible damage that your carpet might someday face. Whether your pet has left its muddy paws on the rug or a clumsy guest has split a beverage, don’t worry. Almost every stain is removable, although some are quite tricky.

With a few tips and instructions you’ll be able to take good care of your carpets. The advice we provide will help you keep them looking as if they were new. Rugs and carpets are a nice addition to every room, indeed. It’s of great importance to know how to clean them. There are, however, a few mistakes people frequently make which only shorten the life of the carpet. Following our methods will definitely prevent you from making those mistakes.

Firstly, a very useful trick is to turn the carpet upside down and by this vacuum the back of the carpet. Do this every month, if possible. It would be good to have a rotating brush vacuum cleaner as it sucks up the fibres much better than the ordinary vacuum cleaners. In case your carpet has fringes, it’s not advisable to vacuum them. Fluffing by hand would do. Otherwise, damage might be caused.


You should also keep in mind that the carpet shampoos and spays are meant for synthetic materials. It’s not a good idea to treat a wool rug with such products. To avoid them read carefully the labels on the bottles. You also need to wash the carpet well when using spot cleaners or other kind of chemicals. Because there might be some soap residues left. If this is the case, they could attract dirt and later form stains. But first of all check whether your carpet’s colours will bleed or not. You can become aware of this fact by using a white cotton towel soaked in water.

If a stain occurs suddenly on your carpet, you might want to get rid of it immediately. Remember, the sooner, the better. You’ll need the white cotton towel once more but only this time it has to be dry. Press hard repeatedly trying to absorb the liquid as much as you can. Another substantial detail is to move the towel in straight lines. Rubbing in a circle causes permanent damage.

This is how you can take proper care of all your carpets and rugs with a few small tricks.

Don’t Worry If There’s Gum Stuck On Your Carpet

I’m sure you know that awful feeling when you find a gum stuck on the carpet. The only way to remove it seems to be ripping it off together with the fibres, but that would leave an awful hole in it. So, what to do in such an event? Fear not, there are a few ways you can get rid of that carpet disaster.




The freezing method

You will need some ice, a plastic bag, and a spoon or a dull blade.

1. Take the plastic bag and put several ice cubes in it.

2. Place the ice-filled plastic bag over the gum in order to freeze it as much as possible.

3. Take the spoon or blade and try to scrape it off. Remove any pieces that you’ve broken off, because they will soften and stick to the carpet again.

4. Repeat this until all of the gum is gone.


The hair dryer method

You will need a hair dryer, a plastic bag, and some soft cloths.

1. This is, actually, the opposite of the freezing method, as it uses heat to make the gum soft and easy to remove.

2. Heat it with the hair dryer. Don’t overheat, however, because you may scorch the fibres on the carpet.

3. When the gum is soft enough, try to pull it off the carpet.

4. It may be better to put on a pair of rubber gloves or use a plastic bag while removing the softened gum. Get as much of it as you can, and then move on to the method below.


Removing the remaining residue

For this, you will need some peanut butter, some WD-40, oil soap or muscle pain reliever; several soft cloths; some soap, and water.

1. When you’ve removed most of the gum, you’re ready to remove what’s left of it.

2. Apply on the gum some peanut butter, some WD-40, some oil soap or muscle pain reliever – each one of those work. They are lubricants and will help when removing the gum residue from the carpet.

3. Apply the product of your choice on the gum area and work it in the fabric with your fingers.

4. Use a soft cloth to blot on the area to remove the gum. You can try scraping it off using your fingernails.

5. When all the gum is gone, you’ll have to remove what’s left of the cleaning product.

6. Mix soap or dishwashing product with some warm water.

7. Moisten a cloth with the mixture and blot the area until it’s completely clean.

Learning To Clean the Hard Way

I’ve always considered cleaning to be something irrelevant and pointless. Maybe that was due to the fact that I’ve always had a woman around to do that mindless task for me. But now after ‘the guys on top’ had issued their orders, I had to leave the country and start doing things on my own. I never really expected from them to do this to me. Why me? Aren’t they pleased with the work I had done for these long years. It’s just a business trip that will enrich you in plenty of ways, they said. Plus there’s a bonus at the end of it.

Anyways, I’ve never been really bother by any task regarding manual labor, or anything that had required me to waste my time, but cleaning was out of the question. My super-ego just forbids me to do this. It’s something on a sub-conscious level that’s beyond me. I’ve always thought about seeking help regarding this little problem, and my wife was very passionate about it. But I’ve always managed to find a useful excuse just to avoid this.

– Day one – So, here I am in no-man’s land. The flat they gave me is one step away from a Capital dump. Still, I’ve seen worse. There’s a solid wooden table and the tools I need are all there. I can do my job and nothing’s going to stand in my way. There’s problem with the ‘throne’ though. Every time I sit down to take a ‘number two’ it feels very moist and unpleasant. Still, I have to soldier on.

– Day 7 – Yesterday I saw a clean bench at a park. That’s just bizarre. Can you imagine this…? This whole town is like one flowing piece of rubbish in the ocean. The restaurants are badly sanitized, there’s not even a proper shower around here. I mean, who lives here?

– Day 12 – What the bloody hell is going on here? Everyone is fluent in English, still no one understands the meaning of the word ‘shampoo’. I can see that they’re not very enthusiastic about hygiene, but that’s just plain wrong.

– Day 15 – I’m struggling with the performance of my duties. The hygiene of my flat resembles the one during a civil war. I admit, I am finally ready to do some cleaning on my own, but there’s nothing to do that with.

– Day 22 – There’s still an entire week to the end of this accursed trip. I’m desperate. Last night I saw a nice spot under a bridge. I’m thinking of moving there. It’s a bit cooler during the night.

And just as I was finishing the last sentence in my log book, I grabbed my suitcase and really decided to abandon this. When I opened the door I saw my wife, holding a bucket full of various cleaners and tools. She just left them on the ground and said: see you in a week back home. In just a couple of hours I made the flat look like a government hospital. There will be a special place in my log book just for that.

Mountain Bikes Maintenance

There has always been a controversy concerning mountain bikes. On one hand, they’ve been made to look nice and are quite expensive given the components it’s built from. On the other hand is the way these things are supposed to be handled. They are meant for aggressive riding on a dirty and rugged environment. Basically, they’re meant to be abused. So, with the constant shuffling of mud, grass and all kinds of natural and unnatural elements being thrown at it, how are you supposed to keep it neat and tidy, the way it was designed to be?

Some consider mountain bikes to be nothing more than a tool, just there to get the job done and believing it can take anything you throw at it. And that’s somewhat true. But if you’re a bit more sentimental you take pride in its cleanliness. But even the strongest chain has its weakness. Eventually, if not maintained properly the bike will not run as smoothly and in the end may even become dangerous for riding. Here are some quick and easy steps regarding the cleanliness and safety of a mountain bike.

There are a few things that will be required before we proceed, but it’s nothing you can’t find in your local hardware store. The necessary things will be:


–             Heli tape

–             A few brushes

–             Blanket

–             Sponge

–             A few dusters and rags

–             Polishes

–             Scratch removers

–             Your bikes’ corresponding paint

#1 A Simple wash

The most common thing on a dirty bike is mud. If it is not removed it starts to chew through at the delicate parts of the bike. So start to thoroughly wash it off with soapy hot water.

#2 Buffing

Here is where the scratch removers step in. Look around the bike and with a cloth apply them on all of the scratched spots. Circular motions are most effective.

#3 Polishing

Once you’ve removed all the nasty scratches it’s time to break out the polish and get cracking. Don’t go too far out on the brand of polish. Something regular will do just fine.

#4 Replacing tape

Tape applied to the frame eventually wears out, and when it does its best to use the so-called helicopter tape. It’s very tough, so it does the job perfectly. Stick piece to the areas which you think might wear out.

#5 Repaint

Sometimes, scratches go too deep and the simple remover doesn’t do the job. Use a small brush and repaint those nasty bits. After it dries apply some more scratch remover to help the paint blend in.

#6 Finishing off

After you’ve gone through the main steps, simply wash away the bike with water and let it dry out.

Get Your Mattress Clean In No Time

When you look at your mattress, does it seem the way you want it to? Or does it have stains all over? Most probably it’s the second one. Normally, after some time mattresses can get worn out. After all, a mattress is used constantly. So various spots can appear when you’ve had it around for a while. No worries, though, with a few tips and tricks your mattress will be looking  as if it were new. Our friendly advice will help you maintain the good appearance of the whole bed.

The first thing you should always do is vacuum the mattress. This is quite important so try to find time for it regularly, no matter what. This will prevent dust to accumulate and in result your mattress will be much cleaner than before. And if there is less filth, there will be no stains, either. But if there already are stains on the surface of the mattress, you could try removing them with an upholstery cleaner. This product is meant for surfaces which are in touch with your skin. So if they’re good for the sofa, they’re good for the mattress as well. It will definitely work, unless your skin is too sensitive to chemicals. There are also enzyme cleaners that do a nice job in breaking down the structure of the stain.

In case you spot stains on the mattress and you have a hard time figuring out what caused them, there are a few effective steps which will get rid of them.The situation calls for a citrus type cleaner. Spray the dirty area and leave it like this for a while. Afterwards, you need to blot the cleaner with a dry cotton cloth. Make sure it’s clean before you use it. If you don’t want to go on a search for such a citrus cleaner, a dish detergent will also do.

If you’re experiencing some trouble with mould, there is probably too much moisture. To tackle the problem, take the mattress outside in the sun so that it can dry out. Then wipe the mould. Because both mould and mildew are serious problems, there are certain precautions you have to take. It’s a must to spray the mattress with a disinfectant.

With these simple tricks you can easily take care of your bed.

A Few Good Books On Cleaning

Cleaning and organising one’s home isn’t always an easy endeavour. One requires time and experience in order to do it right. But, fear not – here is a list of books that will make your life much easier, cleaner and more organised. If you’re like me and require help in the area – carry on.

Nowadays we are all busy. We always need to do something or need to be somewhere – there is little time to waste. And cleaning can be really time-consuming. If you’re looking for tips and trick on how to quickly clean your home– look no further – ‘Speed Cleaning’ by the Clean Team is just the book for you. There are some very good advices on how to clean swiftly and efficiently. You can take a look at this one if you’re tired of having to compromise with your leisure time in order to clean your home.

‘Confessions of an Organized Homemaker: The Secrets of Uncluttering Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life’ by Denise Schofield is a great title for those of you who want help in organising their homes better. There are hundreds of neat tips and tricks and the book is very well structured (I guess that is to be expected from this sort of work) and it is pretty simple to find exactly what you’re searching for. There are tons of practical recommendations so if you don’t like living in a disorganised environment and need some assistance – get this one and you won’t be sorry.

We all hate stains, right? Some of them are really hard to clean, even with numerous attempts and products. Luckily, I recently came by this on a book-shelf – ‘Field Guide on Stains’ by Virginia M. Friedman, Mellisa Wagner and Nancy Armstrong. This field guide will help you extinguish any ghastly spot, stain and any synonym or derivative of these words you can think of. It’s absolutely amazing. There is much in-depth information and it’s a really interesting read (I can’t believe I’m saying about a book on cleaning). If you have problems with persistent little buggers, this book is a must.

And finally, if you’re a hopelessly messy person – your salvation has arrived. ‘The New Messies Manual’ by Sandra Felton, the founder of MA (Messies Anonymous) will help you start a crusade against your own bad habits and the chaos in your flat or house.

In order to win the war, one must first know your enemy and know oneself. So read and then create a better habitat for yourself and your family. Good luck.

Moving In London – Fun Or Disaster?

Moving in London is not an easy thing to do. If you are planning to move out of your place and move in somewhere else, you need to know that there are many things that you should take care of.  To move your things from London to another city, or within London, you will need professional service that will be able to move your things.

Remember that everything can be taken care of by professionals at a very reasonable cost. That would include the cleaning the packing and moving if you are unable to do any of that yourself. Many people are too busy to take care of the stressful moving out and moving in process.

London is one of the best places to visit in the world and it is definitely a wonderful city to live in. However, it is also a huge and very busy city. If you decide to take care of the moving part on your own you might have a bit of a trouble, especially if you don’t move everything at once. In the end it might cost you more to move everything by yourself than if you call a professional service to help you with it.

In my opinion to move in London requires a professional help. Imagine how easy it would be to not have to deal with all the stressful organization of your moving out and let that be taken care of by the experts in the field. Your luggage will be well cared for, and will be moved in wherever your new home might be within the district of London. Everything will happen in less than a day and you will be able to spend the extra time in sorting everything out once it is moved. That way you won’t have to take more days off work or go through all that trouble of worrying about packing and moving. Well, of course, if you would like to pack the things on your own that would be alright, but if you decide you don’t have enough time for it, you should know that there is always an extra hand if you need it and well, you can always count on a friend or a relative to help you out with some of the things. Everything else can be well taken care of the professionals.

In conclusion, we can say that moving in and moving out in London can be a bit of a struggle, but it can always turn out to be a fun and easy thing to do if you have a proper help. The only way to maintain everything and organize the moving out process correctly is by calling a professional service that will do most of the job for you.

Some Fun After A Day Of Cleaning

Fun After A Day Of Cleaning After my second cleaning day, when my brother and I decided to go to drink some beers, I suggested to bring him to some nice bar. At first I taught we could go to some of the places I used to visit some months ago. But soon I changed my mind. I did not want to meet some of my ex colleagues. I still haven’t overcome the story with my dismissal and I did not want to communicate with them at all.

We walked about 20 minutes when I saw a board with a lighting title “Bar”. I said to my brother: “I used to come here often”. While we were going down the stairs I understood I made a big mistake. We came across to a motorcycle bar. When we entered the hall and I saw all these big guys wearing leather, I wanted to go back, but I was with my brother, I had to hold my position.

I went to the bar and I taught I had to behave like I came there often. So I said to the bartender: “Hi Steve! Long time no see!”. For my surprise, this supposed Steve accepted my game and asked me where I have been for so long. I started telling him for that I was fired and for my divorce, but soon I knew that his question was just to be polite. So I quickly told him to poor two pints of beer.

Then my brother and I had some toasts and a good conversation. He told me about my two nephews. One of them was three and the second one was one year old. I have seen only the bigger one twice. Right now I taught how I could be so stupid and snob.

My mother did not approve my brother’s wife, I don’t know why, so my brother did not receive invitations for our family meetings anymore. Which, by the way, was good for him. He did not need to meet our hypocrite relatives.

I looked at my nephew’s photos and I wanted to tell my brother that I would like to visit them. But I felt awkward – I have never visit my brother’s home at all. I just met him in the park after my elder nephew’s first birthday. I brought him a present and my brother had no job at that time.

But my brother had no bad feelings about me and my disinterest to his family. We just drank beer, talked and laughed. He asked me if I came to this bar with my bank colleagues. He guessed the truth of course, and it was very funny.

When we were on our way home I taught that I would like to see his kids. Seems like he was thinking the same and he suggested us to go to his place tomorrow after we finish work. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell mom that you came to visit our deposed family”, he joked.