How To Clean The Refrigerator

tips for refrigerator cleaningWe all pay special attention to the kitchen because it is the room where we prepare meals and we eat. We constantly clean the sink, the counters, the floor and many other things as they are quite visible and we feel obliged to clean them up. It is true, however, that we often forget about the refrigerator and we do not take care of it as we should. It also deserves special attention because there we keep our food and drinks and it is supposed to be clean and sanitary. Another point is that when we open the fridge it would be good to have everything arranged in its place and organized; to smell fresh and to be clean and dazzling. There are some tips you might want to have in mind in order to maintain your refrigerator clean.

First of all, you need to turn off and unplug the fridge. Then, open its doors and collect everything you will need for the cleaning. You need: a dustbin, latex gloves, a cleaning product, sponges, cloths.

Next, it is time for you to start checking everything that is in the fridge. Begin from the highest shelf. Look for old forgotten products or food leftovers and if there are such throw them away immediately. Check the sell-by date on each product and if it has passed its place is in the garbage bin. We all happen to keep such products in our fridge for longer than needed due to the simple reason that we forget them there. But we should not let them remain there and we should do such cleaning more often. If there are any boxes in the fridge take them out and put them in the sink for washing. 

After you have got rid of all useless stuff you need to take out the shelves, too. They are certainly dirty and stained with something so they need to be cleaned up. Go on in this way until you clean all shelves and they start to shine.

Then, you need to pay attention to the walls and the door of the fridge. Rub them gently with a sponge and some cleaning product until they are cleaned. Try to avoid aromatised products because they will mix with the smell of food and this is not so pleasant. 

As soon as everything is cleaned up and dried, you can arrange your products the way you want. It is good to organise them by some criteria and always know where to find everything. It feels better when the fridge is clean and shiny, doesn’t it?