Cleaning in Detail When Expecting Company Part One

How to Clean in Detail When Expecting Company Part OneA few tips for the good housewife.

When your best friend comes to visit for the weekend, you do not necessarily have to clean in detail the whole house – she would probably not notice the little stain on the bottom right corner of the curtain or the few drops of water around the sink. Or at least she will be kind about it and not mention it. This, however, is not the case if you mother-in-law is at the door, waiting to get in and take a quick judgmental look around, is it? That’s why it is good to spend a good amount of time on the small things when you know you are having guests over. Here are a few tips to guide you on your way to perfection.

To begin a detailed cleaning, first start with the fan on the ceiling, the vents and any other object that is hanging from the ceiling. These gather a lot of dust and it inevitably falls on the floor, no matter what type of cleaning product are you using. Keep in mind that the traditional dusting brush is not recommended for this particular procedure as it fails to remove all the dust at once. A better way to do it is to get up on a chair and use a universal cleaner and a rag to wipe the high places. Use the vacuum for any fabric surface and hot soapy water for plastic and glass objects and details. If the vacuum has the nozzle for detailed cleaning, you can use it to clean the inside of the vents. If not, a wet rag will do the work. Before you put all the shades, fans and all the items back on the ceiling and the high parts of the walls, it is good to change any burnt light bulb and wipe off the working ones.

Every trip starts with a small step, as the wise men say. The path to perfect looking home is a long one, but it must always start from a practical set off point. The above part of your home is where you should always start cleaning and work your way down to avoid the dust and dirtiness falling on the freshly vacuumed carpets or something of the kind.  Also, cleaning the high parts of the room first will open up space and make it brighter and cosier.

Although you might thing that nobody pays attention to the dust on the fan, it sometimes happens so that a guest of you looks up while laughing and notices a spider web hanging down above their head.

Keep looking for more articles on how to clean in detail when expecting company – there are more things to do besides the chandeliers and the fans.