Clean Out The Wardrobe

You are looking for a dress to go out, but you don’t seem to find it in the wardrobe? … You start looking for another, but thousands of mixed colors distract you and you don’t know what to choose? Maybe, you should rearrange, but in a  way which will turn the choosing of a dress into a pleasant task instead of a disaster. No matter what you use – piles or shelves, or blocks of clothes, sorted in one way or another, there are numerous stacks of vestments that should have to go.

Undoubtedly, you have a group which you rarely put on though they are in good condition, because of a sophisticated or not so reason of yours. Those you can donate (keep the receipt), sell online or in consignment shop or even burn as an ultimate option, but in either choice (except for the last) the clothes should look good, clean, without any smell or stain. eBay is a good place for sale, so if you chose to go for it, make sure you photo the clothes in a proper light, in full size and with measurements, added as a note.

The next pile will be the NEVER pile. You did not wear and won’t in the future. Those are probably presents, or a robe you liked at the shop window, but did not consider how it will suit on your body, since we all know how different the structure of a body can be. These are probably suitable for Saturday and Sunday Market Days at the backyard, where many people are looking for cheap, affordable clothing. And since you will not be in the mood of bargaining, whatever you get will come quick and less time consuming. With the money you can go out and have a drink with a friend, which is a great idea for the evening, especially in weekends.

We go on with the “mending” part of clothes. These are great, but they need a little fixing. You would love to wear them, and you know you will, if they were ok. Going to a tailor could be much cheaper than replacing a dress. The difference can be as high as 10 pounds and a 100. Those “for mending” jewelry you should not over wash and keep somewhere spacy. Or you can combine two and make a new one, it depends on the mood, ideas and willingness to do so.

You will reach the point where you would not know which ones you can part with, since they will all look good. If it did not come out of the wardrobe more than a year, let it free. You should renovate your wardrobe sometimes and that requires space. Keep in mind the shape, the price, the condition and the fashion side. If you have too many items left, store them in the back of the closet and have a thought about them.

You can repeat the process every two or three months, or at the beginning of each season. It works.