The First Baby Cereal – A Good Laundry Test

Laundry cleaning

When you have one child, it always seems to you, you are very busy. You don’t know how to manage with all the domestic duties, how to spend enough time with the kid and how to be a nice and understanding wife for your partner. It seems to you that before this little kid was born, you had all the time in the world, and the only problem is you did not realized it at the right time. But when you become a mother, this time is over. You have to deal with the present situation.

When you have a second child, the picture is changing. You are still confused and still wondering. But this time the question is: why did you taught you are very busy when you had ONLY one child? It seems to you, you had… may be not all the time in the world, but at least lots of it then. But you still had not realized it on time.

I have been in both situations. In fact taking care of a baby and a little boy is not so difficult, but it requires a good time management and the ability to stay calm in every situation. And the good thing about it is that every little thing, every little achievement of your children appears to you like a big success.

For example, few days ago, my little Patrick ate his first baby cereal. He has always had a good appetite, but till now his main meal was milk. He loves drinking his milk and asks for more. His weight shows this too. He is 8 months old and about 19 pounds heavy. But the time has come for the next nutrition level. Our pediatric reminded me it is about time to start giving him solid food. Milk could not satisfy his need of beneficial substances any more. He has eaten some blended fruits too, but it is not enough either.

So I bought a nice cereal and got ready for fun. At the beginning Patrick was wandering, what do I want to do with this spoon. He was not sure this thing is good for eating. But once he tried the new food, he was very pleased. He was eager for every mouthful. But he wasn’t skillful at all. He wanted to touch this yummy thing with his hands and at the end of his lunch all of his clothes had some cereal on it. He had a bib, but it hasn’t helped much.

My family has recently bought a new washing machine. This was a perfect first test for it. And it passed :). After the laundry there was nor a trace from Patrick’s food. We were ready for the next eating adventures.