A Bored Housewife Becoming A Professional Cleaner

Housewife becoming a profissional cleaner

To be honest, I started working as a cleaner, because I was bored. My husband ran a business which had something in common with the Internet. I had no idea at all what exactly was he doing – I am not a person with technical skills. I only knew his things were going well, because we moved to a better home. I had enough money for shopping – for a year I bought at least 20 expensive outfits. Despite the money I was not satisfied. My husband was travelling all the time and I was bored. I was home alone not knowing what to do with my spare time. I thought a lot about my problem and I have concluded I am miserable and my husband is to blame about that.

When he came home after one of his business trips I made such a dramatic scene which only a woman can play. I blamed on him for everything: we have lost touch, we had almost nothing in common, we were not talking to each other. I told him he cares only about his work and he does not love me anymore. In the end I crushed a bowl with fruits in the floor and I told him I want a divorce.

Of course I didn’t want any divorce at all. I just wanted much more attention, but my plans went all wrong. My husband was one of the guys who accepted everything literally and could not decipher the real thoughts behind women’s words. He said that if I am miserable and feel neglected I have the right to want a divorce and he won’t stand in my way. He knew he is responsible for most of our marriage problems, so he agreed to give me most of our property, because his business ran more than well and he was soon going to be very rich.

I was in an awkward situation. It was too late to tell him I over reacted and in fact did not want a divorce. I had to choose between my stubbornness and my marriage. And I chose the first one.

After the divorce I was even more lonely. I did not have many friends and I did not even waited for my husband to come home anymore. So I decided to start work. It could be anything as far I have contact with people.

In my entire life I have been nothing but a housewife. I had no profession and to be honest, I could not do many things. I used to cook well, but in recent years I only ordered food from different restaurants. I also could do other domestic obligations: ironing, washing, cleaning…

And I figured it out – I was going to do right those things! It would be interesting, because I would not be at a same time every day and I could see how other people live… Domestic cleaning would be perfect for me.