How Come I Became A Cleaner

Become a cleaner


Honestly, when I took this job, I did not have any big expectations. Being a cleaner is not among the dream professions of any little girl. While we are 12 years old, most of us desire to be actresses, models, doctors, designers, even teachers. And cleaning is seen to be something boring, prosaic, which just has to be done, so we can enjoy the rest of our day thereafter. We did not even notice the people, who keep our homes and schools neat.


But, like John Lennon said, life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. My plan was to graduate high school, college, university and to become psychotherapist. You know, some people are interested in fashion, others – in sports, there are guys who know everything about music, arts or computers. And I have always been very interested in people.


I imagined having a big office with a big comfortable sofa for my patients. I would meet interesting people every day. They would tell my about their life, I would listen about their problems and I would help them to see things from another angle. I would ask them the right questions and would resolve their difficulties.


But becoming a psychiatrist has proved to be not so easy, neither fast. I really had to graduate school, college and medical university, but my parents could not give me a full financial support, because I have a younger sister and a brother too. So I had to find a job. But it turned out not so easy either. I had no experience, still no education and no professional skills. And the job had to be with flexible working time, because I had to go to school and study my lessons also.


And then, one Thursday, I found the solution in a local paper: “Cleaning Company is seeking for employees”. I was not lost in thoughts for long. I was 17 and needed a part time job for the weekends. This one sounded perfect to me.


In the beginning I took one or two tasks a week. The salary was not large, but I had enough spare time and made enough money to buy some girl stuff like clothes, make up, magazines. During the summer vacation I worked harder and could afford some interesting trips. My parents were proud, “our responsible daughter”, they called me.


So, I graduated school and college, and I am currently studying at the university. The fee is pretty big for my resources and I have to work almost every day. But the interesting part is that I meet different people, enter their life and make my own psychological observations. An unexpected bonus for my cleaner position J