End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

There are many advantages of hiring a cleaning company offering end of tenancy cleaning services. No matter if you are moving in or out, it is always a good idea to have your place cleaned thoroughly by professionals. When moving in, everybody would expect spotless, impeccably clean living area and when moving out, getting back the bigger part of a deposit sounds great! Estate agents and landlords might also be interested in that kind of cleaning services. End of tenancy cleaning includes deep, thorough cleaning of the whole property, which means it is a labour-intensive and time-consuming activity. A cleaning company would do everything necessary within a relatively short time, using professional products and appliances and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Experts in the cleaning business would know every single detail which should be addressed during a deep, thorough cleaning process such as end of tenancy cleaning. You would not have to worry about stubborn stains, grimy little objects and dust accumulated on upholstery, cushions and paintings. If you choose to utilize a professional to do the end of tenancy cleaning, you do not risk damaging any of your landlord‘s belongings. A cleaner would know the exact products that should be used for each area of the property and for every single object / appliance. Bio-degradable chemicals and latest cleaning equipment would make the final result impeccable.

The end of tenancy cleaning checklist is a long and detailed specification of all the work that professional cleaning companies are supposed to offer. It could be basically divided into four major sections: kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, bedroom cleaning and general cleaning. Kitchen area checklist normally includes deep cleaning of all the kitchen appliances such as: ovens, extractors, refrigerators, washing machines, toasters, microwaves. All work areas and cupboards should be thoroughly cleaned and polished. Bathroom cleaning includes extensive degreasing, cleaning and polishing of tiles, tiles joints, all bathroom units and mirrors. General cleaning usually includes dusting, vacuuming, internal window and doors cleaning. Bedroom units should also be thoroughly dusted and cleaned.

When choosing to hire a professional cleaning company, several details should be addressed. Each professional in this sphere should be able to provide customer satisfaction guarantee, as well as insurance. Using detailed cleaning checklists by dedicated, highly-experienced cleaners would give you peace of mind, as you will rest assured that everything is taken care of. A few references might also be desirable.  Last but not least, fixed rates per flat / house are always to be preferred to hourly charges.