Would You Risk An Injury Or Just Hire A Window Cleaner

broken house ladderTimes are tough. Cost of living is going up, people and businesses are cutting costs. Nothing wrong with that. One has eat and provide for his family.

What I have noticed was that the cleaning was the first thing to go. Bam! Out of the window! Immediately. What? Double dip recession? Hell yeah, my house cleaner is getting a months notice and that’s a good portion of £150 per month saved. Done!

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Fair enough, methinks. One has been sacked from work, another has had their employment hours reduced and they have now more time on their hands to make up for the lack of cleaning. People start doing it themselves. Perfectly fine. But…

If I continue thinking in these lines I inevitably come upon the subject of window cleaning. The average British guy would think that cleaning windows was not such a big deal and anybody could do it as long as he has seen a couple of videos on YouTube and has a ladder in the garage. Yeah, exactly the same ladder that he inherited aspart of the previous house owner’s legacy buried in the old garden shed. Squeegee from Lidl or B&Q – check. A bucket full of soapy water – check. An applicator…well not exactly, but an old t-shirt would do the job – tick.

And the troubles begin. Let me tell you this first – no one in the world can clean windows better than a professional window cleaner. No one. So, leaving the quality issue behind, the next thing that could disappoint is the ladder. An old ladder that you have never used, lying in the mouldy garden shed fo yearsa and then you entrust your life and family future in its reliability and safety?!?! (I bet you didn’t think of this the way I am writing about it, do you?)

Would you risk your life and livelihood just for the sake of saving £10-£15? Really? You have taken numerous other precautions for a things less dangerous and risky, what is the matter now?

Wise people know when to delegate and what to outsource. Sometimes it is healthier to think twice about simple everyday things in life. Remember – most incidents and heavy injuries occur in the household while talking care of domestic chores.

Be careful and be smart. Leave the cleaning to the professionals the same way I leave the delivery of my letters to the postman and not the local butcher 🙂