The Art Of Beauty Or How To Clean Make-Up Brushes

Cleanliness has always been related to beauty and purity. Keeping clean make-up brushes is vitally important to the overall effect of preparing one’s toilette. Ranging from powder brushes to eye shadow, blending, lip, eye-liner brushes and many other types, they are probably one of the most widely used tools in the art of beauty. Brushes tend to accumulate over time dead skin cells, dirt and debris, residual powder, eye shades and all other kinds of make-up. It is recommended to clean make-up brushes at least once a week. In case you use a lot of makeup everyday, brushes should be cleaned ideally every 2-3 days. This should be regularly done to avoid various skin irritations and problems ensuing from poor hygiene. Brushes need to be thoroughly, deep cleaned in order to rest assured that what you put on your face is clean and safe.

A great advantage of proper brush care is the softness of clean and fresh brushes. In case of having sensitive skin, it is essentially important to keep soft and clean makeup brushes. Most makeup residues on brushes make them rough and unpleasant to touch. Using some conditioner to make the bristles even softer is a good idea.

First of all, the hairs of brushes should be washed with lukewarm water. Hot water might cause loosening of the glue holding the bristles together. You should pay attention not to wet the metal part, also known as ferrule. Thus you avoid rusting of this area.

Secondly, you should apply some hair shampoo (preferably some baby shampoo), a liquid soap or a facial cleansing product on the hairs of the brushes. Depending on the type of the makeup used, the lather might be quite colourful. So, the shampoo could be re-applied until the lather gets white. Rinse with water once you are sure that all dirt, debris and makeup build-up have been completely washed out. You might repeat the application of a gentle wash-up product until the water runs clear.

Last but not least, brushes should be left to air-dry on a clean towel. It is advisory not to leave brushes dry in a brush holder with hairs pointing upwards. They should be left to get dry in a slightly slanting downward position. Depending on the type and hair density, brushes need to be thoroughly dried for a certain period of time before usage.

Keeping clean germ-free brushes not only prolongs their lifespan but also ensures prevention of any skin irritations and allergies. Invest in a clean and healthy skin by taking care of makeup brushes regularly.