2 Questions About Duct Cleaning

Many people today discuss the importance of indoor air quality and the way it affects health. One of the best ways to improve it is said to be cleaning the air duct system. But there seems to be a question of its efficiency in preventing health problems.

No one has any solid evidence of it being able to prevent health problems. There are cases when very contaminated air ducts may endanger the health of home inhabitants. If that is the case, then an air duct cleaning is surely to be beneficial, but if there’s only a little dust, there’s no need for doing that, as it is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s also not deemed necessary to make it a part of the regular maintenance of the cooling or heating systems. Researchers are still trying to evaluate how beneficial air duct cleaning can be.

There have also been some questions about different materials that air ducts are made of. There have been rumours that ducts viagra samples free by mail made of bare sheet metal are less likely to get contaminated. Is this true?

There are some air ducts made of sheet metal, but lately they have started making them either entirely out of fibre glass duct board or sheet metal lined on the inside with fibre glass. The flexible duct, which has been increasingly popular since the 1970’s, is usually lined on the inside with plastic or other flexible material. The insulated duct material, which has many redeeming qualities such as improved temperature and condensation control, energy conservation and noise control, has increased in popularity too. Flexible duct is very inexpensive. It was made especially for that purpose, and has been tested in accordance to several standards. Provided you keep them clean and dry, they stay up for years without any particular problems. There, however, are still many discussions over which one is less prone to contamination – the fibre glass ducts or the sheet metal ducts. In both cases, if dirt and moisture enter the ducts, there’s not much difference in the result. There is another thing – removing mould from sheet metal is way easier, and it’s also possible to use chemical biocides, while in the case with fibre glass, mould is harder to clean and it never really disappears, and there still aren’t any biocides suited for that kind of ducts. It’s recommended that if your fibre glass ducts get mouldy or wet, replace them rather than hiring a cleaning company.