How to Clean Up Your Desk

Surely, the desk is the place where people do their most important work. A writer, for example, sits down and writes his new book. Yes, the desk is essential to engineers, artists as well as the average tax payer. It’s a part of our lives and you can’t deny this fact because the desk is where you put bills, store notes and let’s not forget about your computer. This is why the desk could be assumed as the centre of a room. And since it’s such an important part of each and every one’s daily life, you have no excuse to make a mess out of it. Even with no free time on your hands, take good care of it. Eventually, you’ll see the benefits of having a tidy desk, the least you’ll be able to find things more easily.Here are several tips to help keep things in order.

Firstly, start from clearing the desk. It’s best to remove items such as papers, remote controls and everything else you have on it. Put those aside (in a basket, for instance) where they won’t be an obstacle for you. While you’re doing this, check whether some of the things are already out-of-date. This is a great opportunity for you to get rid of the useless things and by that clear space. After you’ve moved your belongings, you’ll finally be able to see the desk’s surface. But don’t get too excited, there’s more. You also have to clear any drawers or cabinets, repeating the same procedure.

Now that the desk has no items on it, it’s time to begin the real cleaning. You require some kind of a cleaner and an old cloth. Applying a bit of cleaner to the cloth, scrub all surfaces (even the drawers). Then let the desk dry for some time. Next step is to put back your things but only this time in the proper way. It’s a good idea to establish your work area. Keep in close distance the items which you use most often. Unlike the ones you barely need. They should be stored somewhere else. Be sure to empty the bin on or under the desk, too. You don’t want to look at piles of garbage while you’re working.

Finally, by doing this regularly it will take you less time. Remember, the more often, the less you’ll have to clean. So set aside some time for this every week and your desk will be looking its best.