Cleanliness As A Passion

Cleaning job is a passion

I’ve heard people talking about different kinds of dreams. Some of them want to marry a rich man, some are planning to trip around the world, others dream to become great writers, painters or photographers.

You may think it is weird, but my dream was very different from the ordinary ones. I wanted everything in the world to shine with cleanliness. The smallest spot on somebody’s clothes, most insignificant mot at the mirror or dirtiness at the glass could ruin my mood for hours.

Some psychologists might tell I am a cleanliness maniac because of my childhood. My mother didn’t like domestic cleaning work very much. And my father was interested only in the remote and the newspaper at the end of the workday. The psychologists could be right, I don’t care. Everything I say is that dirty things make me sick. Make me sick on the street, made me sick at school, make me sick in the homes of friends of mine.

You understand that the life of a guy, who is mad about cleanliness isn’t easy. Especially in teenage years. Scornful look of my father and my classmates’ ridicule couldn’t stop me to do what I knew I have to do. In weekends I woke up early and scoured the whole house. I started with the stove, wiped up the dust from the furniture, cleaned the floor and in the end I polished the bathroom. Then I was just sitting and enjoying the cleanliness and silence while the others in the house were still sleeping. These moments were my favourite. Everything was perfect for several minutes.

In the beginning my mother felt some kind of inconvenience because I was doing her job, but she got used to it very fast. Her conscience was calmed and she often told her friends: “My son likes cleanliness very much. He might become an owner of a cleaning house someday ”.

And become sugar baby I had to become one. My mother’s wish caught me up. You probably guess I became a cleaner immediately after my graduating. First I worked in a firm, cleaning the streets, but soon I moved to a cleaning company focused on houses and offices. I have raised very fast. This was my vocation.

Soon I became a manager and few years later I saved enough money to start my own small business. Don’t think my everyday work makes me like cleaning less. Just the opposite – I forbid my wife to clean our house and I do it myself twice a week… What can I do? Cleaning is my biggest passion.