Early Breakfast At The Smiths

early breakfast with smithI walked in the kitchen and as I said everyone there was working very hard. Erika was preparing some milk for the baby and Joseph was making some kind of toasts with, as it seemed, whole-wheat bread, low-fat cheese and green salad. He was using his other hand to bake some bacon and eggs and several slices of white bread. Yes! Someone except me actually ate bacon and eggs. I hoped there would be some for me, too because I was already starving. Apparently my appetite was back. Janette was working, too. Only her work was to tell the others what to do which was not a real work in my opinion.

Anyway, I said “good morning” and I heard an answer only from Erika and Joseph. They were both very nice colleagues. Oh, and Jack as well. Only Janette didn’t bother to say “good morning”. She said: “Oh, here you are finally. Make sure you don’t sleep in anymore. Now get to work! You can start by squeezing around ten oranges and making some fresh juice for breakfast.” I had slept in? This woman was unbelievable! I had got up at 6 o’clock in the morning, for God’s sake! I hadn’t done that many times in my life so far but I did it now and I was at work on time. What the hell did she want from me? The good thing was she woke me up as I got very angry. Before I could utter a word to defend myself, Janette left the kitchen. She was so calm and confident and she commanded everyone in such cold blood that she didn’t even seem to realize it. Now, I had to squeeze “around ten oranges” which was quite a lot by the way, and make juice. Erika tried to be helpful: “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to her, just like we did.” And this was supposed to make me feel better? Well, it couldn’t.

I began squeezing the oranges and my hand started hurting yet around the fourth one. I was told that the breakfast was at seven sharp so we all had to hurry up. Luckily, Joseph had already prepared the breakfast so he helped me with the orange juice and we were ready at 6:55. I hurried to prepare the table for breakfast. I put plates, cups, glasses, forks, spoons, knives, napkins, etc. The bosses came and I had to serve breakfast. I served espresso to Chase, black coffee to Katherine and a special latte with no sugar to Elizabeth. I also filled their glasses with fresh orange juice and I finally served their breakfast. It was a cereal meal for Katherine, a super low-fat sandwich for the princess, bacon with eggs and toast for Chase and fruit for everyone. Clearly, Chase had my breakfast taste.