The Therapeutic Aspects of Cleaning

Therapeutic Aspects of Domestic Cleaning

Recent research has shown that cleaning your house may help relieve nervous tension and be a good alternative to the expensive psychotherapy in the less serious cases. So, get your broom and dust pan and get rid of the stress you have been suffering from.

Personally, I have experienced the tranquil feeling while mopping large tile floors for a while.  The repetitive actions we perform when we clean windows or when we have to polish the smooth surfaces of our furniture apparently have a calming effect on our brains. Contrary to common belief, taking care of your house will not cause any distress; it may actually ease your worries and, on top of that, you will enjoy a spotless home.

Spraying stain remover on a damaged carpet and then vigorously brushing it clean is also a good way of working your anger off. Therefore, when someone gives you a reason to be mad, instead of doing something you will later be sorry for, you can simply start the regular cleaning of your bathroom. Scrubbing soap and hard water stains will give you enough time to reconsider your vengeful actions. Doing housework will make you feel in control of the situation as you are performing actions you are used to and see their immediate results.

The pressure washer can also be of great help when you need to vent your spleen and at the same time you will be cleaning the dust and dirt from the facade of your house. In case this is not an applicable option, the vacuum cleaner can relieve your stress as well. The chance is hoovering around a bit will take you mind off the problems for a while. On a humorous note, you won’t even be able to hear your uneasy thoughts if your vacuum cleaner is an old one.

However, you should never go to extremes so that the scrubbing of floors and furniture becomes your main activity. Otherwise, you risk becoming a cleaning addict whose life is totally devoted to detergents, solvents and cleaning tools. Moreover, you should never over use cleaning agents as they may have harmful effects on your health.

All things considered, cleaning can have therapeutic value provided that it is in mediation. Having cleaned the whole house, you may feel a bit tired, but there is no doubt that you will have forgotten at least a part of your worries. On top of that you can also be proud of the impeccable condition of your home. Just don’t forget that combating negative emotions through cleaning can have its downsides if certain rules are not followed.