How to Decrease Disposable Waste

There are a lot of ways to replace the need of cleaning – for example, using plastic plates that you throw away afterwards. It’s nice and easy, is it? Using and throwing away lots of plastic is polluting the environment, and for a long time at that. Try lowering the amount of trash you throw away in order to decrease disposable waste.

You may wonder how is that to be done. After all, if you keep everything at home without throwing anything away, you’ll finally drown in rubbish. Limiting your trash doesn’t mean you have to save everything.


It means to change your attitude towards such items – to stop thinking that everything is disposable. Also, it means using less eco-unfriendly items.

In most homes there can be found rolls of paper towels, Styrofoam or paper plates, disposable cups, spoons and forks. These thing take decades, or more, to decompose. When they end up in a trash heap, they stay there forever, and poison the environment.

It’s the same with the plastic bottles. They can sit in water or soil and poison their surroundings for a long time. And batteries are also harmful when thrown out carelessly.

By saving the environment, you save yourself and the future of your children. Limit the use of disposable products and start using reusable ones.

Use normal plates and silverware (that particularly is good for the health). You will have to wash the dishes, but think consider investing in a dishwashing machine.

When you need to wipe something, use old torn towels and clothes. Afterwards, wash them for future use.

Instead of buying paper napkins, use cloth ones. These can be washed too.

If you buy water in a plastic bottle, reuse it as long as it lasts. If you like drinking water, buy a more durable water bottle. If you prefer drinking filtered water, buy a filter for your faucet.

Make your own cleaning products by using natural resources – herbs, vinegar, and essential oils.

There’s a lot you can do to help save the environment, and if everyone decides to limit their trash, miracles can happen, so don’t go thinking “What can happen if only I start living eco-friendly?” – Even one person can make a difference.