Mountain Bikes Maintenance

There has always been a controversy concerning mountain bikes. On one hand, they’ve been made to look nice and are quite expensive given the components it’s built from. On the other hand is the way these things are supposed to be handled. They are meant for aggressive riding on a dirty and rugged environment. Basically, they’re meant to be abused. So, with the constant shuffling of mud, grass and all kinds of natural and unnatural elements being thrown at it, how are you supposed to keep it neat and tidy, the way it was designed to be?

Some consider mountain bikes to be nothing more than a tool, just there to get the job done and believing it can take anything you throw at it. And that’s somewhat true. But if you’re a bit more sentimental you take pride in its cleanliness. But even the strongest chain has its weakness. Eventually, if not maintained properly the bike will not run as smoothly and in the end may even become dangerous for riding. Here are some quick and easy steps regarding the cleanliness and safety of a mountain bike.

There are a few things that will be required before we proceed, but it’s nothing you can’t find in your local hardware store. The necessary things will be:


–             Heli tape

–             A few brushes

–             Blanket

–             Sponge

–             A few dusters and rags

–             Polishes

–             Scratch removers

–             Your bikes’ corresponding paint

#1 A Simple wash

The most common thing on a dirty bike is mud. If it is not removed it starts to chew through at the delicate parts of the bike. So start to thoroughly wash it off with soapy hot water.

#2 Buffing

Here is where the scratch removers step in. Look around the bike and with a cloth apply them on all of the scratched spots. Circular motions are most effective.

#3 Polishing

Once you’ve removed all the nasty scratches it’s time to break out the polish and get cracking. Don’t go too far out on the brand of polish. Something regular will do just fine.

#4 Replacing tape

Tape applied to the frame eventually wears out, and when it does its best to use the so-called helicopter tape. It’s very tough, so it does the job perfectly. Stick piece to the areas which you think might wear out.

#5 Repaint

Sometimes, scratches go too deep and the simple remover doesn’t do the job. Use a small brush and repaint those nasty bits. After it dries apply some more scratch remover to help the paint blend in.

#6 Finishing off

After you’ve gone through the main steps, simply wash away the bike with water and let it dry out.