How To Clean Suede Cloth

 A more affordable alternative of suede, suede cloth is cheaper and also easier to maintain, but looks almost the same as suede. When dirtied, the suede cloth must be quickly cleaned and then returned to normal by brushing. Here is a method for cleaning this kind of fabric without damaging it:

You will need a plastic, club soda, some clean white cloths, mild detergent, a bucket, a new sponge, a suede brush, and water.

1. As there are different types of suede cloth, they may each react differently to some cleaners, so make sure to try out whatever cleaning product you have in mind on a small, hidden area of the fabric to see if there are any negative reactions.

2. Get the plastic spoon and try to scrape as much of the stain as possible.

3. Dampen a cloth with water and blot the stain. Don’t rub, because that will work the stain deeper into the fabric.

4. As you continue blotting, the stain will transfer on the cloth. Once the part of the cloth you’re using is dirty, change to a cleaner part.

5. When you’ve removed as much of the stain as possible by blotting the stain with a moist cloth, mix water and a little of the mild detergent in a bucker.

6. Repeat step 3, this time having dampened the cloth in the soapy water in the bucket.

7. Blot with clean water.

8. If you blot with club soda instead of water, you’ll add to the cleaning power, but you have to rinse with clean water afterwards.

9. Try not to drown the fabric in water – use only a moist cloth that you’ve wringed out of water.

10. If you have used too much water anyway, there’s a chance that there will be a water stain after the fabric is dry. To get rid of it, slightly dampen a cloth and try to blend it in by blotting.

12. If the nap has been changed by your cleaning, use a suede brush to return it to its former look.

Suede cloth shouldn’t be cleaned with any cleaning solutions that include carbon tetrachloride.

If the fabric becomes rough after cleaning, brush it with a toothbrush to restore its texture.

Don’t use regular soaps or anything with high pH level, because it will leave water marks or/and damage the fabric.

If you’re not sure you can handle doing this, search for a professional cleaning company that offers suede cloth cleaning services.