A Situation With The Sprinklers

a situation witgh the sprinklersI was so annoyed! Janette interrupted our pleasant conversation just when it was becoming so interesting and we were starting to get into details. She was awful. Erika ran in direction to the second floor where little Nate was probably sleeping. Joseph took some meat out of the fridge and started chopping it, as it seemed he began preparing lunch although it was pretty early for that. I didn’t have some kind of working schedule yet or at least I wasn’t told what to do exactly so I didn’t know where to begin.

I dared to ask Janette, which turned a big mistake: “Well, it seems to me there is plenty of work in this house, new girl. Start from somewhere and don’t bother me with your issues.” My issues? They would become her issues if she continued to be a bitch to me. I thought she was the one who was supposed to give me orders and instruct me what to do if not give me some assistance, which was clearly impossible in her case. Well, since there wasn’t anyone to tell me what to do, I had to decide myself. Obviously, I had to clean and tidy up the whole house and that probably had to happen every single day.

So, I decided to start by cleaning the garden. I really needed fresh air and some peace and privacy so I took the necessary tools and materials and I went outside. Jack was, of course, already there taking care of the flower bushes and the grass in the beautiful garden. He said: “Hey, Mel, how is your second day going?” I replied with “It couldn’t be better” which was definitely ironic and I let him know that by my fake smile and my face expression. I swept the front and the back yard until everything became spotlessly clean. Jack said he was going to have his breakfast and he went in the kitchen. I looked around and everything was fine except the dry leaves which were in the middle of the green grass, making it ugly. I stepped into the grass to remove them but I was unpleasantly surprised. Jack had turned the sprinklers on and before I could run away I was wet from head to feet. The water was cold and I wanted to scream and, of course, kill Jack. Who turns on the sprinklers when it will most certainly rain? We live in London, for God! I headed my room so that I can change my clothes and then I noticed Jack standing at the front door, laughing at me.