A Cleaning Peculiarity

When cleaning becomes an obsessionI’m weird when it comes to cleaning. At least, I think I am. I just happen to be a really orderly person and I like cleaning when my room is spotless. It bugs the heck out of me if somebody touches, moves or messes in any way with my habitat. And the cleaner it is, the more it bugs me. If it is not clean, however, doesn’t bother me that much at all. I had a lazy episode and didn’t clean my room for days and the more untidy it was, the less I cared. This contrary proportion is interesting for me. I’ve talked to people and they are on the general principle of either being bugged by untidiness or not. Either you care, or you don’t but caring sometimes and sometimes not, and this being linked to the state of the room is a peculiarity.

I had a friend come over today and although I hadn’t cleaned my room for a few days, I had no choice but do it. So I vacuumed, washed the carpet, cleaned the dust – full program.  When it was done, I suddenly felt that I shouldn’t let it get dirty again. Like, ever. Whenever something was moved out of its place, I would move it right back, I washed the teacups right after he left, cleaned the table. The laziness I usually feel towards cleaning was suddenly gone. But if I let things out of control, only one thing, and then the laziness starts to return progressively. It’s really interesting why that is. I think it’s because when my room is clean, I feel it like it’s something that has to be preserved with little to no effort involved. It’s not something I have to do, I want to do it. Whereas, if I don’t do my duty and leave it to ‘fall into ruin’ then I have to clean it. I don’t want to, but I have to spend the time and energy required to cleanse my territory. In a sense, it’s not preserving anymore – it’s changing and requires more work. That is the main reason most people aren’t willing to change even if they want to – it requires effort. So I hope I maintain my room the way it is now for as long as possible because I like to put effort in a lot of endeavours but cleaning isn’t one of them.