obsessive compulsory cleaningCleanaholics. Yes, that is an actual word, even if it doesn’t pass spell check. Can you imagine? There are actually people who are addicted to cleaning? Cleaning?!? OK, I do like things clean and it bugs the bloody hell out of me when someone touches my mobile phone or my computer screen with their greasy fingers. I hate it when my room is not tidy. That’s why I don’t invite friends too often. But I hate cleaning. I hate cleaning, I hate washing and, especially, I hate doing the dishes. Paradoxically, though, like I said – as much as I hate cleaning, I also hate dust, untidiness, etc.

So you can see I have a problem here. But you know what? I use cleaning companies when I don’t feel like cleaning – they get in and out like professionals, like soldiers on a secret mission to destroy all the dirt, rubbish and germs (well, maybe not all the germs but you get the picture) in the flat and not leave even a single spot.

But let me get back on cleanaholics. These people actually love cleaning. They live to clean. For some of them it’s a psychological disorder – OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). They just can’t help themselves. If you’ve watched the American TV drama ‘Monk’ (starring Tony Shalhoub) you’d have a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about. There are, however, people who actually like cleaning, in the same way other people enjoy reading, watching movies or listening to music. I honestly can’t understand that. I’m a pretty tidy person and like it when everything is neat and clean but these people just like cleaning for the sake of cleaning. I don’t get it. They don’t like the result. They are not even after the result, they like the process itself. There are even forums where people talk about cleaning as if it is something… fun. I honestly can’t put myself in their shoes.

I read in some lad’s blog that he used to have cleanaholic neighbour. He described how she used to constantly wash tons of clothes and clean the carpets every week. Window cleaning? No problem – every single day. When I read his description I thought it was like someone was paying her big money to clean her own house. She would do it all day long. It’s like she lives to clean. Her flat probably resembles a shop for cleaning products. Anyway, I’m thankful I’ve never had to deal with such people as I imagine they are a huge pain in the lower posterior. Can you imagine living with somebody who is like that?