Cleaning Detective


I have always been a bit curious. But don’t get me wrong, I am not curious in this bad meddlesome meaning of this word. I do not eavesdrop on my neighbours doors, neither I snoop in people’s business. I am just interested in what is happening around me and in theCleaning detective world in general. I am not annoying or something like that. I only try to remember everything I heard and hereby I build an overall picture about things other people do not even imagine.

For example a week ago I noticed, that every night around 4 o’clock the bedroom window of my neighbour Miss Aubry lights up for few minutes. I wondered what exactly is happening, but now I think I know. I just have to make some extra researches to be sure.

Just listen to what I heard yesterday: Mrs. Johnson, who lives above my apartment, was talking at the stairs with another neighbour Mrs. Wilkinson. She shared with a sad voice that financial crisis overtook their family too. Her husband had to work extra ours. Every morning he started work at 4:30.

Well, it is not my business, but, you know, I am a little curious, so I immediately counted that Mr. Johnson probably travels to work about 35 minutes, which means it is quite possible that he made up this extra work to spend some ours with this spinster Miss Aubry. Now I just have to find a way to check my theory. I can’t walk around the street in 4:00 in the morning to see if Mr. Johnson goes right to the subway station or enters Miss Aubry’s block. But I think I am right because the window lights up a minute after Mr. Johnson turns around the corner. There could not be such a strange coincidence.

Before I was rather naive and did not notice many things. I got more observational since I work in a cleaning company. You can’t even imagine how much information can give you a messy apartment or a dirty napkin. For few years I learned how to find out the secrets of my clients trough all those little details in their homes.

Well sometimes it’s pretty easy. Like yesterday when I cleaned the X family’s home. Mrs. X answered the door dressed only in bathrobe. And it was almost noon. Then I noticed a post card from Mr. X who obviously was abroad. Then I say two dirty champagne glasses in the sink and a flavor candle in the bedroom. The puzzle was solved. You guessed too, right?

I sometimes pretend I am a detective who cooperate Scotland Yard for the most complex cases. Well, who knows… someday someone might praise my talent and give me a chance me to be useful.