Tips For Keeping A Clean And Healthy Bathroom

Bathrooms are the most frequently used premises in our homes – usually one’s day begins and ends there. We tend to overlook how many hazards lurk if we do not spare the necessary time to keep the bathroom clean and neat. Due to the varying temperature and moisture in the bathroom, it turns into a welcoming spot for various kinds of germs that present a potential threat to our health. Thus, it is of paramount importance to keep the bathroom clean and germ free. The relevant precautions should be taken, as no one would tolerate piling layers of dirt and mould.

By following several easy guidelines, you would enjoy peace of mind and take pride in a healthy shining bathroom. In order to clean the bathroom properly, one should know where to start and how to eliminate the unwanted dirt. Providing oneself with all the necessary appliances and supplies is the first and most important step. A pair of rubber gloves, a fairly rough sponge, detergents and disinfectants for tiles, shower stands and sewers, and a mopping paper would make the cleaning task a lot easier.    The sink can be a breeding ground for germs, due to the fact that we use it in order to get rid of them. No one gives much thought that actually they remain there until we clean them. The sink basin is almost constantly moist and this is the perfect environment for the development of dangerous germs that cause various skin irritations and other illnesses. Abdominal pains and vomiting are among the unpleasant consequences. By using a rough sponge and moderately hot water all remains of soap, tooth paste, and make-over should be removed. The relevant cleaning detergent should be applied and left for approximately 15 minutes. Then what follows is scrubbing with the sponge, washing with hot water and mopping with paper.

Tiles joints gather large quantities of germs, while the moisture in the bathroom helps mould propagation. It can be removed with special detergents by sprinkling and leaving for half an hour. After that follows a thorough washing of the tiles with hot water.

One should also pay attention to the shower stand and the shower curtain, making sure they are left clean. Last but not least is the sewer which should be treated with a strong disinfectant.

Proper ventilation or the availability of a window would keep the moisture levels to a minimum.    In order to be sure that we are safe from all the hazards in our own bathroom, we should clean it at least once a week or even more often.