Several Easy Ways To Clean Grease

Grease stains are one of the most widespread and most difficult to clean. We often happen to stain our clothes or cover them with grease because it is present in almost every meal on our table and if we are not careful we can easily get in this unpleasant situation. Those stains are very quickly absorbed by fabrics and they are quite stubborn. When you see a darker area on your clothes you should know that this is grease. When grease stains dry they become lighter but this should not mislead you because then they go even deeper in the fabric and become very difficult to remove. That is why you need to act fast in such situations and know some tricks that can help you clean grease. 

One of the simplest ways of cleaning grease is with salt. As soon as you stain your clothes you need to take some salt and cover the stain with it. Leave it there to absorb the liquid for as long as it needs. When you see that the stain has vanished remove the salt and that’s it. You have dealt with the grease. 

Another method is to wet the fresh stain several times with cold water and then wash it with hot water. But you should be careful because water can also fix the stain. Do not use this method for all kinds of fabrics. Before doing this to your clothes try it out to some less visible spot. 

Spirit and benzene are another way to clean grease. They should not be watered. Take a brush and soak it into spirit or benzene and do not scrub the fabric but just tap it. You’d better use a soft brush and be careful not to damage your clothes. 

For white fabrics you can use bleaching solution. It cleans effectively but it is not recommended for other materials than cotton, linen and artificial silk. You should not use bleach for colourful materials because the colours might fade or run. 

Grease stains on wool can be removed with hydrogen peroxide. After that, wash the fabric several times with cold water until all substances and solutions are gone. Then, you should dry it. Artificial materials should not be cleaned with bleach or hydrogen peroxide because they could be damaged. 

You can, of course, buy some cleaning products and degreasers but they are not always efficient and reliable. It is preferable to use natural products if you have such at hand.