How To Clean The Bathtub

The bathtub is present in almost every bathroom. Lately, it may have been replaced by shower cabins but it is still widely used. Shower cabins do not offer the same relaxation and pleasure as bathtubs do. The bathtub will always be the place where we go to relax and ease the pressure from the intensity of our daily routine. It is a luxury and comfort. But do we know how to keep our bathtub clean and sanitary? It should always be perfectly cleaned up and disinfested as we and our families use it every day and we do not want to get some kind of rashes or infections due to the fact that our bathtub is dirty and full of bacteria. So, we need to be careful with that. We need to clean it regularly and use the right methods depending on the material which the bathtub is made of. 

How to clean enamelled bathtubs? First, you need to make a mixture of some soap and ammonia. Then prepare 1l warm water with 40g soda. After that soap the bathtub outside and inside with the mixture and then wash it with the soda water. You can also scrub the surface with a brush if you want a better effect. Finally, wash the bathtub with clean water. 

When there are yellow stains in the bathtub due to constantly leaking water they can be removed with baking soda. Another way of cleaning such stains is watered sulphuric acid. Scrub the bathtub with it and then wash with warm water. But you must use gloves to protect your hands while doing that because this acid can be dangerous. 

How to clean zinc bathtubs? You need to use gas or ammonia in order to clean them. Put some gas or ammonia on a dry towel and scrub the bathtub with it. Then, wash it well with clean water and get it dried with the help of a dry towel. You can also use hydrochloric acid in case the bathtub is extremely dirty. But be careful because it is dangerous for your skin. 

How to clean faience bathtubs? They need to be cleaned with a solution of 1l hot water with 25g baking soda. Scrub the bathtub surface and then wash with clean hot water and get it dried with a woollen cloth. 

As soon as you have finished with the cleaning of your bathtub you are allowed to indulge in relaxation and comfort. Maintain your bathtub properly and you will get the needed pleasure from the moments spent in it.