Is Domestic Cleaning Only Women's Duty?

Professional domestic cleaners in action

In the past cleaning and all domestic chores as a whole were definitely women’s responsibilities. According to the patriarchal values, women were only supposed to stay home and take care of the household and the children while men’s job was to work outside the home and provide for the family. But as we know, things have undergone a lot of changes since that time. Women have gone a long way trying to crush those stereotypes. And they have succeeded. Nowadays, we live in a modern society where women are equal to men and they rule their lives and the world around them or at least this is in most countries. But how about when it comes down to chores? Are men and women equal there too? Is it just women’s duty domestic cleaning, wash and cook?

As we said, women have made their way in society and they have careers of their own and all kinds of social engagements. Women take posts in politics, law, hospitals, management, television, etc. They are often very busy at work but what happens when they go home? They become even busier. Today women are supposed to work much harder than they once were because now they have to build a career and at the same time do the chores at home which are endless and have children and raise them. So, in some way, things have had a complete turn since the past as most women now are more active and they often have more responsibilities than men.

But when all other stereotypes have been broken why most people still think that chores are only women’s duty? My opinion is different. Duties at home should be allocated. I know that many men and even some women would disagree with that but this is the only way women and men will ever be equal. Women are often overburdened with duties and they waste their lives in cleaning and cooking.

It depends on us whether we will become cleaning robots or we will start leading normal lives. We could set some rules in our homes and come to an agreement with our husbands/boyfriends so that everyone of us will have certain responsibilities and take care of them. In this way, it will get much easier for us to maintain a household and be effective at work. Men should also help in the raising of the children. It depends on us how we will live our lives. After all, we live in the 21st century and we should respond to that by forgetting old habits and stereotypes and being modern.