Cleaning And Maintenance Your Garden

Clean Your Garden Before the time comes when fall conquers the earth and colors the leaves, there is a moment, in which we should take care of our beautiful gardens, prepare them for the cold help site winds and the rains.

Preventing the irrigation in the cold season and lessening the problems with the pests are some of the benefits of this cleaning and protecting activity. We shut down the power of the systems from the grid, and empty the water inside the faucets. If full, the fluid will freeze and will damage the equipment. Timer is also left without battery power supply and is cleaned thoroughly, especially the filter. Check again for leftovers of water in header lines and hollow it. Main valves should be shut off and the lines drained if the system is with electrical timers. Put straw in the box to keep them from malfunction, because of the frost. Before the snow falls, the birds are looking for food, so they can be helpful in exterminating pest from the garden, especially insects. In many cases the former are attracted from the sunflowers, so leave some in your place. You can also use sweet corn, but peeled and left in a high place or on a bear scaffold of a scarecrow. Start cleaning from debris and small pieces in the garden, do not miss the roots too. If you have a natural dirt, such as leaves, barks or cut off roots, shred and join them to the compost. Build a well-shaped pile for the compost, so that its internal temperature can kill any accidentally spread weeds and pests.

Those of the insects who remain outside will be eliminated by the birds, or the cold winter will eradicate them. Check again for intruders, and after that – for leftovers of weed, since the moisture helps their growth and they turn into a shelter for leafhoppers and germs for the season. Take a shovel and finish all weeds, putting them also to the pile for manuring. If you have some infected crops, better clean them entirely by uprooting and putting to the compost. Diseases are a result of virus spreading in the summer, especially on tomatoes and red peppers. The pile should be somewhat big for the reasons of accumulating enough heat, needed to kill the pathogens on salad ingredients.

After all is finished, displace the soil to hoe any moles or grubs. The turned surface will keep betterĀ  the snow in between which will provide extra moisture for the seeds and the soil for the next spring.