How to Clean Up For Welcoming Guests

How to Clean Up For Welcoming GuestsWelcoming guests to one’s home is a pleasant experience for most people. Yet, the days before the visit are more stressful then one would expect. You do not have to be a hypocrite to be willing to impress your guests, whoever they might be. All must be perfect – shiny and tidy.

There is no doubt that in the preparation for the guests you use more energy than in the usual cleaning process. However, if you plan what you will be doing you will save yourself a good load of time and a lot of last-minute touch-ups. Here are a few ideas to ease your urge for perfection.

First, you need to move some stuff around the house to remove the chaotic feeling. Pick up the things lying on the floor and put them back in their respective places to make your home look organized.

Then do the room where the guests will spend the most time – the guest room. Take all the items you have stored there and make room for your guests’ bags. Put extra hangers in the dressers and if you have your own clothes there you should either put them somewhere else or at least put them in a separate shelf.

Make sure that the sheets are fresh and clean. Do not put too many pillows – two is enough.

Pay attention to the bathroom. It ought to be clean, comfortable and offering your guests a pleasant time for relaxation. If you have the possibility to do it, put new towels or at least ones that are newly washed. Put your family’s toiletries together to make room for your guests’. Add a little touch of a hotel experience and put some toiletries in a little basket for your guests – a new toothbrush or a soap bar.

If you have a TV in your guest room make sure it is working properly. Put the remote in a place where it can be seen so that they do not have to turn the room upside down to find it.

It’s a good idea to put books and magazines on the night stand. If you happen to know your guests’ favourite authors make sure you have put their works.

Last, but not least, fresh up the atmosphere with a vase with flowers or a basket of fruit and candy. You can also add a local landmark guide if your guests are from out of town and do not know what to see.

In the end, however, it is up to you to make your guests feel comfortable and enjoy their visit. You can put the fanciest pillows or the most attractive candy in a basket but if you fail to entertain them properly you have lost the challenge if being a good host. Good luck!