How To Clean Using Lemons

How to Clean Using Lemons Part TwoForget about the pile of cleaning products you have under the sink which take up space, they are hazardous for your skin. They are expensive and not always cost-efficient. All you need is already at your home, in your very fridge. Right there you have nature’s best cleaning product – it smells good, it works good and it has no harmful effects on your skin – that’s right, I am talking about the lemon.

Far from just cocktails and garnishing fish, lemons can be used for cleaning at home. But what makes the lemon such a powerful cleaner? It has high concentration of citrus acid which makes the fruit powerful sanitizer and germ killer, making it one of the best things for cleaning at home. Here are a few ways of using this fresh nature product, not for drinks, but for cleaning your place.

1. Grinder problems.

If your sink has one of those junk grinders which you put in medium sized pieces of junk and it grinds it, then you probably know that quite often pieces of trash can get stuck in there and you get a very unpleasant smell. Well, here is an opportunity to see the lemon in action. Cut one lemon in thin slices and try not to lose much juice. Then, put it in the junk grinder. Turn it on and keep it that way until you can see that the biggest chunks are grinded and you can smell the lemon freshness coming from your sink.

2. Shine up the silverware.

When you we talk about brass, copper and chrome, there is no cleaning method tough enough to make your old silverware shiny again. As I said already, lemons have a high concentration of acid which gives them the power to go deep and clean the dark spots on the silverware completely. To make them even shinier, dip half a lemon in salt before you start scrubbing. It will work as exfoliator, therefore making your silverware even shinier.

3. Sanitize the microwave.

The left over smell of popcorn, pizza or anything else you have nuked might be quite annoying sometimes. What you can do is cut a lemon in thin slices, take a bowl, put the slices of lemon in it, pour boiling water over them and put it in for a minute and a half on highest power. This way the citric acid and its anti-bacterial power will kill the bacteria in the microwave and the steam from the water will soften the stains and dirtiness on the inside of it. Use a clean towel to dry the microwave and you are done. No more bad smells – just lemon freshness.