Everyday Cleaning Helpers

Everyday Cleaning HelpersNowadays you can find all kinds of inventions and gadgets which can make cleaning, cooking even eating easier for you. They are creative, simple and multifunctional – so much that it seems like the solutions of problems has never been easier. Here are a few practical accessories that can help in your busy everyday life.

The patterned zip-locked table cover

If you have ever faced the problem of putting a cover over the garden table with an umbrella in the middle of it here’s an idea that can help. Every time you sit at the table and you stain the table cover you do not have to remove the umbrella or cut a hole in the new cover to fit the specific table. Just make a hole in the middle of the cover and cut along from the middle to the end and put a zipper. This way, every time you have to wash the table cover you can easily remove it without having to deal with the umbrella. And why should it be a patterned cover? You can cut it in a way so that the zipper is less noticeable that way making it more exciting when you surprise your guests with unzipping the table cover!

Lemon juice net

Sometimes the solution to daily problems is surprisingly simple. When you use lemon juice to clean furniture you do not always need to use a juice maker to get the actual juice. When you squeeze it seeds can fall in the juice. What you need is a net of cotton with stretchy edges. Cut the lemon in half and place the net over the opening. That way you can squeeze the juice directly over the surface you wish to clean up. And why not use this functional idea for salad dressing.

Triple kitchen hanger

There’s one particular gadget that I find fascinating. It’s nothing special really but I enjoy having it in my kitchen. It’s a triple hanger but not for towels or anything like that. It starts with a hanger for aluminium foil on top with a plastic knife for cutting it. Under it there’s a place for plastic also with a knife. The third hanger is for kitchen paper roll. It seems so right that it kind of makes you thing how come no one came up with it sooner and why isn’t it in every kitchen everywhere? Well, it’s in my kitchen and it makes my time there a little bit easier.

These are just a few inventions that I recently discovered and wanted to share with you. There are numerous multi-functional, unconventional gadgets that you can add to your everyday life to make it a bit easier and a bit more.