Clean Up After A Carpet Accidental Damage

Clean Up After a Carpet AccidentWet wipes have way more uses at home than just babies’ gentle behinds. From cleaning the keyboard of your computer to make up removal the ways you can use them are spread between numerous variations. Today, however, we will learn how to use them to clean up spilled coffee from the carpet. The faster you act the better – wipe of the spilled liquid. As well as absorbing the liquid, the wet wipe will clean deeply the fibres of your carpet. You can repeat the procedure, if necessary, until complete cleaning occurs.

Coffee and tea stains can be cleaned with another interesting thing – beer. Pour a little bit of it on a rag and scrub the stain on the carpet. Remove what’s left of it with a wet rag.

The worst stains a housewife can face are the ink stains. To get rid of them, mix milk with corn flour or corn starch until you have a thick paste which you can use to clean the stain and once again save the day. Apply it on the stain and let it work for a couple of house. Then remove with a brush or just vacuum.

What will you do if you spill red wine on the carpet? If your carpet is a dark colour it is not such a big problem – no one will notice it. But if you have a brightly coloured carpet, salt and white wine come to the rescue. Until the stain is still fresh, pour some white wine on it – this will dilute the intense red colour. Clean up with a rag and cold water. Sprinkle a good amount of salt and wait for about twenty to twenty-five minutes, then vacuum. Repeat the whole thing if necessary.

You can clean spilled juice from the carpet, by absorbing the liquid with a dry towel first, then apply some shaving foam or shaving cream and scrub with a wet rag. The same technique can be used to remove small stains on clothes.

Of course, I haven’t forgotten about vinegar! It is one of the best helpers for every housewife and I will not fail to acknowledge that fact. Apply even parts of vinegar and water on the desired area and let it dry. After that, put two table spoons of salt on the stained surface and vacuum it.

For older and tougher stains, mix up a paste of one table spoon of vinegar and one table spoons of starch. Apply on the carpet using a dry rag and let it stay for two days. Then, vacuum.

All in all, the most important thing when dealing with stains on the carpet is to act fast. Doing the right thing on time saves you a lot of troubles later on.