Dry Cleaning – A Timesaver

Dry cleaning is a process of washing clothes and other things made of textile material with chemical solvents instead of water. It is very popular around the world, especially in the more developed countries. It is very fast and convenient mostly for people who are busy and do not have much time to wash at home.

Dry cleaning is a timesaver as washing is done very quickly. You send your clothes or you go and take them yourself and they become ready in a few hours so you can go and pick them up after work, for example. You receive your clothes in a special bag, ironed and arranged as if they are new. Another advantage is that any type and material of clothing can be dry cleaned. Even the most delicate clothes that we find difficult to wash at home as the washing machine could damage them or hand washing takes a lot of time are cleaned there easily and precisely. Another advantage is it's reasonable price and most people could afford it as long as they are OK with other people taking care of their garments. In many cases, companies often offer services which include picking up the dirty clothing from your home or workplace and delivering the clean clothes back to you, wherever you are.

Using dry cleaners' services is a life saver if you own a restaurant, a guest house, a hotel. Usually you would be pressed for time and a manual in-house solution for clothes and linen would not be viable. This service is hygienic, it is done properly and it saves you time and effort. One big disadvantage of dry cleaning though is the fact that it uses chemicals such as perc in order to clean clothes. This chemical is defined as carcinogenic for people and it is dangerous to the environment and to us.

People are usually against dry cleaners who work in their buildings and they are right because perc is toxic if it gets into drinking water. The people operating such businesses must take serious measures to prevent those chemicals from being released into nature.

In conclusion, dry cleaning is a very convenient way of helping us with one of the chores. Busy professional and single people praise the person who invented the process as it saves time and does not burn big holes in your wallet. As long as the owners of the businesses are adhering to Health and Safety legislation and take extra measures not to pollute the environment, dry cleaning is a very convenient service to help modern people.