Condiments Stains On Your Carpet Aren’t Such A Tragedy

Condiments are fun, delicious and colourful… until they end up on your carpet. Then they become a nuisance that you need to clean. It’s not that easy, however, as it seems.

Cleaning mustard, ketchup and barbecue sauce stains

For this, you will need one of these two cleaning solutions: a mix of one tablespoon neutral detergent, one teaspoon white vinegar and one quart cold water; or a mix of ¼ teaspoon mild, non-bleach detergent and one litre of cool water. You will also need a spray bottle, some clean clothes or paper towels, a rinsing solution that is a mix of 2-6 drops of mild, non-alkali dish detergent and one cup cold water; water-filled spray bottle, some heavy weights; and a spoon.

1. Start with the spoon. Try to scrape off as much of the condiment from the carpet as possible.

2. Spray the stain with the cleaning solution.

3. Use a clean cloth the blot the area until the cloth stops staining.

4. Spray some of the rinsing solution.

5. Blot again with a clean cloth until all of the cleaning solution is gone.

6. Spray with the clean, cool water from the spray bottle.

7. Blot with a dry cloth to remove any leftover cleaning solution residue.

8. Put a cloth or a paper towel over the area and some heavy weights on top of it.

9. Leave it like this for several hours.

10. Remove all and leave it to dry.

11. Vacuum when it’s completely dry to restore the carpet fibres to their former texture.


Cleaning mayonnaise stains

This method is suitable for all kinds of carpets.

You will need a spoon, some baking soda or corn starch, some dry cleaning solvent, a cleaning solution made from one part dishwashing detergent, one part white vinegar and two parts water, some clean clothes or some paper towels, and a vacuum cleaner.

1. Remove as much as you can of the mayonnaise with the spoon.

2. Sprinkle the stain with corn starch or baking soda.

3. Leave it for 15 minutes and then vacuum away.

4. Apply some of the dry cleaning solvent on the stain.

5. Use a clean cloth to blot.

6. Apply the cleaning solution if steps 2-5 don’t work.

7. Blot with a cloth until the stain is gone.

8. Spray with some clean water.

9. Blot again to remove any leftover residue.

10. Put a cloth or a paper towel over the stain area, and pin it down with some heavy items.

11. Let it sit for 5-7 hours.

12. Leave it to air dry after removing everything.

13. When the spot is dry, vacuum it to restore the fibres to their former texture.