Effective Homemade Cleaning Recipes For Carpets

Our London carpet cleaning team in actionEvery single housewife has a basic and very important commitment to keep a clean and comfortable home. One could spend a considerable amount of money and time trying to get rid of all the dangerous germs that are a potential threat to our health and well-being.

Some detergents though are quite unhealthy and people rarely think of the chemicals they are breathing in and touching while they attempt to achieve a clean, healthy surrounding for the family.

What follows here are several effective homemade cleaning products helping to clean carpets in a completely environmentally friendly and safe way. The necessary materials can be found in every household, but we might not even suspect the cleaning power they possess.

Carpets should be cleaned thoroughly at least two times per year by using a medium-hard brush and a solution of water and ammonia (0,219 gallons water to two tablespoons of ammonia). Once the solution is applied, the carpet should be dried out.

Removing stains from carpets has always been a big issue, so here are several tips for different kinds of stains:

– Beer, vine, liqueur and vodka stains can be removed via a solution of water and washing powder. First the solution should be applied and scrubbed on the stain spot and then a solution of water and vinegar should be applied (0,219 gallons water to one tablespoon of vinegar).

– Coffee, cacao and tea stains are cleaned via a solution of cold water and glycerine (0,219 gallons water to one tablespoon of glycerine).

– A solution of cold water and a bit of ammonia can remove red wine and fruit juice stains.

– In order to freshen up the carpet, it is a good idea to sprinkle some baking soda, leave for 20 minutes and then vacuum it. To achieve an aroma effect, the baking soda could be mixed with some essential oils. A solution of a cup of baking soda mixed with 15-20 drops of essential oil should be left to settle for several hours and then applied on the carpet.

Once a stain is removed, the whole carpet should be cleaned with a brush and some detergent and then only with a moist brush.

For cleaning coffee, tea, wine or even stains from pets on sofas, one could effectively use some soda water. Pour the soda water on the stain and cover with a paper or cotton tissue which eventually absorbs the stain.

Those are the several tips for carpet cleaning by using products that are not only very more here easy to find but also environmentally friendly and safe.