Don’t Worry If There’s Gum Stuck On Your Carpet

I’m sure you know that awful feeling when you find a gum stuck on the carpet. The only way to remove it seems to be ripping it off together with the fibres, but that would leave an awful hole in it. So, what to do in such an event? Fear not, there are a few ways you can get rid of that carpet disaster.




The freezing method

You will need some ice, a plastic bag, and a spoon or a dull blade.

1. Take the plastic bag and put several ice cubes in it.

2. Place the ice-filled plastic bag over the gum in order to freeze it as much as possible.

3. Take the spoon or blade and try to scrape it off. Remove any pieces that you’ve broken off, because they will soften and stick to the carpet again.

4. Repeat this until all of the gum is gone.


The hair dryer method

You will need a hair dryer, a plastic bag, and some soft cloths.

1. This is, actually, the opposite of the freezing method, as it uses heat to make the gum soft and easy to remove.

2. Heat it with the hair dryer. Don’t overheat, however, because you may scorch the fibres on the carpet.

3. When the gum is soft enough, try to pull it off the carpet.

4. It may be better to put on a pair of rubber gloves or use a plastic bag while removing the softened gum. Get as much of it as you can, and then move on to the method below.


Removing the remaining residue

For this, you will need some peanut butter, some WD-40, oil soap or muscle pain reliever; several soft cloths; some soap, and water.

1. When you’ve removed most of the gum, you’re ready to remove what’s left of it.

2. Apply on the gum some peanut butter, some WD-40, some oil soap or muscle pain reliever – each one of those work. They are lubricants and will help when removing the gum residue from the carpet.

3. Apply the product of your choice on the gum area and work it in the fabric with your fingers.

4. Use a soft cloth to blot on the area to remove the gum. You can try scraping it off using your fingernails.

5. When all the gum is gone, you’ll have to remove what’s left of the cleaning product.

6. Mix soap or dishwashing product with some warm water.

7. Moisten a cloth with the mixture and blot the area until it’s completely clean.