Cleaning Different Types Of Carpet Floors

Cleaning Different Types of Carpet FloorsMost people do not consider calling professionals when cleaning their carpet, because they think they can handle the task themselves. But is that true? In this post, we will go through the different types of floorings, their pros and cons, and, of course, ways of cleaning them. In the end, you should know for yourself that cleaning the carpet is not an easy task.

All floorings, regardless of their type, are dust magnets, in different degree but still existing in all floorings. That’s why any floor needs to be cleaned even if you do not have the time to do that. And if you have a carpet floor, then we are talking way more work. Carpets have fibres in between which dust gets stuck. However, carpets are still widely used because they are affordable and they easily cover big areas of the floor. Also, they are incredibly easy to install and you do not need professionals like you would for laminate parquet for instance. You can see carpets in most homes, even in offices. These are the pros, but let’s check out the cons of that type of flooring.

As their main setback comes the low hygiene. They attract a lot of dust which cannot be easily removed no matter how long you will vacuum the carpet or wash it. This dust is hazardous for children and people with allergies. To clean such a floor you will need special equipment and if you chose not to use the services of a professional cleaning company it will cost you a lot to get the necessary machinery to properly clean you carpet. The cleaning companies have not only the right equipment but also the right cleaning products for different types of carpets. They have the experience and know-how to recognize the problem and deal with it properly. Also, if you are not comfortable with people working in your living room, using chemicals and so on, most companies offer taking your carpet and cleaning it in their own facility. That way you get it nice and clean without neither getting tired of cleaning it yourself, nor getting your place crowded with cleaning people.

For offices it is recommended to clean your carpets daily. This is due to the constant flow of people, each of whom has passed through many different places and they carry a lot of dust and dirtiness with them which get deep into the carpets.

At home, depending on the room where the carpet is, it is more difficult to get the carpet so dirty and cleaning it once or twice a year is more than enough.

Daily cleaning of your carpets removes stains and dirtiness and does not allow them to get deeper into the carpet.