Clean Your Windows Naturally

Clean Your Windows NaturallyAs you know, there are a lot of different cleaning products for windows on the market. Every one of you can chose whatever they like, but after going through the pros and cons, I am sure you will go for some home-made, old time recipe for cleaning the glasses, because: it is incredibly cheap, it’s natural and eco-friendly which means you protect yourself, the children and, of course, the pets. Last, but not least, why go all the way to the store when all you need is in your home already, in the kitchen drawers.

Water and vinegar.

The best known way of washing the windows is with the mixture of water and vinegar. The proportions you must keep are: one hundred and fifty millilitres of cider vinegar and three litres of water. Mix them in a bucket or a basin, then fill up a bottle with a spraying nozzle, or use a sponge to apply the mixture on the glass surface. If you have a squeegee around do not hesitate to use it to remove the extra amount from the windows and dry with a towel or old newspapers.

Baking soda.

This is the universal home-made cleaning product. In this case, you can use it for windows with tough stains on them or that are extremely dirty. Put some baking soda on a wet towel or a sponge and start rubbing the surface until you are satisfied with what you see. Rinse off using a towel and a lot of water. When finished, repeat the procedure with the squeegee and the newspapers.

Soda water.

Another way to clean windows with ease is using soda water or club soda. Pour it in a bucket or a basin and use a sponge to apply on the surface. From here on, do the steps from the previous recipes.

Lemon juice.

Another natural way of cleaning the windows that also provides your home with a fresh aroma. Squeeze a few lemons in a bucket or a basin and soak a towel in the juice. Scrub until it is clean. Rinse off and do the squeegee procedure.

Dishwashing liquid.

This is not so natural, but it is generally cheaper and less harmful than most products. The dishwashing liquid can provide the same cleanliness and shininess for your windows as it does for your dishes. In a gallon of water, pour one third of a cup of dishwashing liquid and stir good. Do as you would for the previous methods.

If you are using soap or dishwashing liquid do not use too much of it. If you do, it will take much more time to get rid of it than it would for the dirtiness on the glass. Also, try to do the windows when there is no direct sunlight on them as this would dry the cleaning product you use faster and make it harder to remove.