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How To Clean Using Lemons

How to Clean Using Lemons Part TwoForget about the pile of cleaning products you have under the sink which take up space, they are hazardous for your skin. They are expensive and not always cost-efficient. All you need is already at your home, in your very fridge. Right there you have nature’s best cleaning product – it smells good, it works good and it has no harmful effects on your skin – that’s right, I am talking about the lemon.

Far from just cocktails and garnishing fish, lemons can be used for cleaning at home. But what makes the lemon such a powerful cleaner? It has high concentration of citrus acid which makes the fruit powerful sanitizer and germ killer, making it one of the best things for cleaning at home. Here are a few ways of using this fresh nature product, not for drinks, but for cleaning your place.

1. Grinder problems.

If your sink has one of those junk grinders which you put in medium sized pieces of junk and it grinds it, then you probably know that quite often pieces of trash can get stuck in there and you get a very unpleasant smell. Well, here is an opportunity to see the lemon in action. Cut one lemon in thin slices and try not to lose much juice. Then, put it in the junk grinder. Turn it on and keep it that way until you can see that the biggest chunks are grinded and you can smell the lemon freshness coming from your sink.

2. Shine up the silverware.

When you we talk about brass, copper and chrome, there is no cleaning method tough enough to make your old silverware shiny again. As I said already, lemons have a high concentration of acid which gives them the power to go deep and clean the dark spots on the silverware completely. To make them even shinier, dip half a lemon in salt before you start scrubbing. It will work as exfoliator, therefore making your silverware even shinier.

3. Sanitize the microwave.

The left over smell of popcorn, pizza or anything else you have nuked might be quite annoying sometimes. What you can do is cut a lemon in thin slices, take a bowl, put the slices of lemon in it, pour boiling water over them and put it in for a minute and a half on highest power. This way the citric acid and its anti-bacterial power will kill the bacteria in the microwave and the steam from the water will soften the stains and dirtiness on the inside of it. Use a clean towel to dry the microwave and you are done. No more bad smells – just lemon freshness.

Cleaning Different Types Of Carpet Floors

Cleaning Different Types of Carpet FloorsMost people do not consider calling professionals when cleaning their carpet, because they think they can handle the task themselves. But is that true? In this post, we will go through the different types of floorings, their pros and cons, and, of course, ways of cleaning them. In the end, you should know for yourself that cleaning the carpet is not an easy task.

All floorings, regardless of their type, are dust magnets, in different degree but still existing in all floorings. That’s why any floor needs to be cleaned even if you do not have the time to do that. And if you have a carpet floor, then we are talking way more work. Carpets have fibres in between which dust gets stuck. However, carpets are still widely used because they are affordable and they easily cover big areas of the floor. Also, they are incredibly easy to install and you do not need professionals like you would for laminate parquet for instance. You can see carpets in most homes, even in offices. These are the pros, but let’s check out the cons of that type of flooring.

As their main setback comes the low hygiene. They attract a lot of dust which cannot be easily removed no matter how long you will vacuum the carpet or wash it. This dust is hazardous for children and people with allergies. To clean such a floor you will need special equipment and if you chose not to use the services of a professional cleaning company it will cost you a lot to get the necessary machinery to properly clean you carpet. The cleaning companies have not only the right equipment but also the right cleaning products for different types of carpets. They have the experience and know-how to recognize the problem and deal with it properly. Also, if you are not comfortable with people working in your living room, using chemicals and so on, most companies offer taking your carpet and cleaning it in their own facility. That way you get it nice and clean without neither getting tired of cleaning it yourself, nor getting your place crowded with cleaning people.

For offices it is recommended to clean your carpets daily. This is due to the constant flow of people, each of whom has passed through many different places and they carry a lot of dust and dirtiness with them which get deep into the carpets.

At home, depending on the room where the carpet is, it is more difficult to get the carpet so dirty and cleaning it once or twice a year is more than enough.

Daily cleaning of your carpets removes stains and dirtiness and does not allow them to get deeper into the carpet.

Cleaning PV Panels

cleaning pv panelsAs the snow is quietly piling outside it is reshaping the city view, turning it into a fairytale. It brings the Christmas spirit in the hearts of many, and it is the source of joy and laughter for all children in the winter vacation.  But not for those, who own a photovoltaic installation. The emotions they experience are on the other end of the planet. For one, the production is reduced, second, if the snow is too heavy, the installations are at risk.
Here are a few tips for the second kind of people.

First of all, you need to ensure the protection of your photovoltaic installations. You can do so by adjusting the panels at 40 degrees or even more so that the snow cannot pile over them. You can also clean them manually, depending on the size of the installation and whether you can easily access it.

You can also get yourself an automatic snow cleaning system. It is similar to a windshield wiper. It activates itself whenever a snowfall occurs. There is a wiper that moves vertically over the panel non-stop in both directions to make sure snow does not stick to the surface, therefore preventing layering of snow that could damage the panel.

Your last option is by far the most up-to-date method, but it could be a little pricy. It is better to use that in a country where there is lots of snow and such an expensive equipment can actually be worth its price.

The same company offers another product that works against dust. In areas where pollution is an issue, the panels can get too dirty to function. Just like snow in wintertime, dust and dirt can pile up forming a thick enough layer to prevent the panel from doing what it is supposed to. The product the company sells is similar to the previous one I described only the wiper in this one is equipped with water sprinkler. It moves up and down and not only wipes, but also rinses off and washes the panel. It is, of course, not recommended to be used in winter time when low temperatures can cause the water to freeze and potentially damage the surface of the panel.

The snow, however, has a positive effect as well. If the panels are cleaned well enough the reflection of the sun the shiny snow cover provides increases the absorption of light. It is pretty much like a sun enhancer! The low temperatures have been proven to increase the work capacity of the photovoltaic panels. The highest amount of produced energy ever recorded was in a cold sunny day, when the snow had covered everything in sight. The panel actually exceeded the manufacturers’ predictions that day!

Being Good At What You Do Matters Most

Some people like to do many things at once. Jack-of-all-trades they call them. They can't possibly specialise in one single activity hence no real professionalism. Offering many services and all of them carried out at a low quality level is not really making things work.

Why do people do it then?
Honestly? No idea. Maybe they think they will deceive clients into believing that by offering a huge amount of services they are a top banana.

Big mistake. In my honest opinion a real company needs to add value to its namee not by jamming its website with a 1001 and one service offerings but specialise in one or two core activities and Unique Online Directory about Viagra & ED. become real experts in that sphere.

This is exactly what we do. Being cleaning professionals for many years we decided to specialise in house cleaning and carpet cleaning. This is where we are best at what we do. Combined together our cleaning and management team have more than a hundred years of hands on experience in the cleaning field. Being out there and knowing every little detail involved is what makes our powerful cleaning machine tick like a Swiss clockwork.

We are proud that we can deliver exceptionally good house and carpet cleaning solutions to our clients today.

Tomorrow we may add a few other services but not after we have ensured our service quality stays at its top level.

Tricks To Make A Place Shine After Tenants Move Out

clean after tenantsAfter you have had a tenant and after these tenants move out you certainly need to check the condition they leave your apartment in. Sometimes it can be catastrophic. Anyway it’s for the best to keep the rental unit looking good in order to find new renters. This is the only way you will have luck finding tenants.

First thing is to repaint the whole unit. As this is always a good idea to start with. It’s best if you can do the job yourself because this makes it less expensive for you. Another tip is to choose white paint. It will make the rooms seem brighter as well as cleaner. Afterwards your renter can put any kind of furniture. White paint simply goes with everything. And you can also buy the paint and brushes at a discount from a specialised store.

Next step is to check the carpets and for that matter, the floor. Most likely it will be dirty. It is an option to spot clean it. There are two ways to do that. You can either use soap and water or a spray-on cleaner. But this is in case stains are minor. If they are deeper just use a steam cleaner, which can be rented at a reasonable price. It definitely freshens up the carpet.

Making sure that the kitchen and bathroom are clean is a good way to attract new tenants. Often renters judge the whole place by its kitchen and bathroom. People don’t want any reminders that there was someone else before them .Hairs and crumbs are an absolute drawback. So taking care of them is quite essential. Cleaning these two rooms is a must even if it is a lot of work. Starting with the kitchen, spray the oven with an oven cleaner. Surely, it will be dirty. After a while just wipe it down. Next is the fridge. Turn off the power and leave its door open so that it won’t smell unpleasantly. This also prevents mould growing. Moving to the bathroom, where it’s advisable to scrub the toilet, clean the sink and spray the shower. The whole point of this is to make your bathroom shine. Mirrors should also not have spots. It’s recommended to clean all the cabinets and drawers. Don’t leave anything behind.

This should cover the basics and ensure you success at the market. Roughly said, a good cleaning will always do the job.

How To Clean Your Oven

Most often people do not want to think about washing dishes, let alone clean the whole oven. Honestly, doing chores is never funny and amusing but it still has to be done. There probably isn’t a person on this planet that finds cleaning and scrubbing enjoyable. Although it’s not quite pleasant, you have to stop frowning and clean your oven. Even though you dislike such activities you’d better keep doing them. It is for your own good to keep your kitchen clean. You should also adopt the right methods in order to do that.

Keeping everything under control in the kitchen has its ultimate pluses. Let it not be a shameful topic for you. If you take care of your kitchen utensils, soon enough you won’t hesitate to have friends over for dinner parties. It actually doesn’t take that much time to complete the to-do-list. It looks like a lot of work that will take ages to get done. Surprisingly, this is not true at all. You can easily start by cleaning the sink and then do not forget the area around it. The kitchen floor is also recommended to be cleaned frequently. Each and every activity requires no more than five minutes the most.

Once you have begun to clean the oven you have to prepare yourself for the hardest part. You will need the right kind of chemicals to tackle this problem. Don’t worry once you have started scrubbing everything will come off eventually. But it’s the proper way of scrubbing that gets the job done faster. There are several ways to deal with your oven. Mainly, you should just not leave it dirty for too long. Frequent cleaning will allow you to wipe the filthy layer out in minutes without the need of strong chemicals.

The first method for cleaning ovens is the non-caustic one. It calls for bicarbonate of soda which is smeared over the inside of the oven. It’s best if it stays like this for the night. Then you can start scrubbing using a little water. And you are ready. There will be no sigh of what-so-ever stains.

Or you could follow the caustic method, for which you might want to prepare a bit more. The things you require are: a solution of bleach and water, gloves and a face mask. It is a good idea to be vigilant. So wearing protective clothes is necessary for your safety. After the serious preparation is over you can then spray the oven with the solution you made. Next step is rinsing out the oven with clean and warm water. This method is not recommended for both pregnant women and asthmatics due to their health.

Remember, the more often you wipe out the oven, the less time it will take.

What is Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is a very popular world-wide used in many countries nowadays term which refers to commercial cleaning companies being hired by people or corporations to earn their income by doing cleaning job.

Commercial cleaning companies are widely spread and can be found in many towns and cities around the world.In simple words it is the cleaning of every commercial property where business is done.This sort of cleaning includes taking care of many various buildings such as shops,restaurants,offices,warehouses,factories,schools,airports,banks,hospitals,gyms,bars and many others.

It is basically removing dirt in professional office spaces in return of money.

This kind of cleaning companies come with well-equipped staff (that is usually provided with job training before being hired permanently) that uses a lot of cleaning supplies and different cleaning methods.It is very popular in the US,Australia and Europe.

The main duties of the employees are (in other words the services the company offers) – carpet cleaning,window cleaning,vacuum,dusting,mopping,providing consumables like the toilet paper,hand towels,collecting the rubbish,the soap in the hotels,removing graffiti,cleaning entire bathrooms,polishing the surface of the furniture,taking care of the lawn and recycling.

To recognize the staff you will notice that each one usually wears an uniform or maybe carry a badge with a photo on it to avoid the option of looking suspicious.

These people are always identified and checked by the security so you shouldn’t worry about anything!

The price of this service naturally varies because of few things but mainly the time needed for the work and the size of the working space.This should be first agreed by both sides and of course you will be told what will the exact performed job be in order to avoid surprises.

These cleaning companies always hold public insurance and this should be shown to you before you sign any sort of contract so don’t forget to be careful,read slowly and ask for this if you are not given one.

And last but not least they offer daily cleaning,weekly cleaning and special projects.


Keep Your Computer Clean

One should always keep one’s computer clean. This is how it goes with Windows. You let the system become bloated, you have to pay somebody to clean it for you, or possibly – reinstall your operating system. Those two are both unpleasant options for two reasons. The first reason is – because you’re left without a computer until it is cleaned or fixed. And you might as well start cleaning your room, your flat and possibly – your office (yes, the lack of a PC can make go there), because your beloved PC isn’t coming back soon. The second reason is – because you might lose valuable information. There is, of course the question – simply why do you have to go through all of this if you can follow a few simple tips and tricks in order to prolong the life of your system? Note that although it may cost you some initial investment, the steps you may take will save you money in the long run. Note, also, that this guide is for beginners. Are you ready? Good, let’s carry on then, shall we?

First of all, it would be a good idea to have an image of your cleanly and freshly installed operating system. There are tons of software that will let you do that and you can buy it from anywhere or order it on the Web – it’s fast and relatively cheap. Read some reviews before ordering. When you pick and install it, it enables you to create an image file of your operating system and the installed programs at the moment so it’s a good idea to have everything prepared before proceeding with this step. When you’re done, you can always use the image in order to restore your system back to this point. It serves as a system backup – always good to have.

Other valuable pieces of software are the cleaning programs. Before ordering, of course, look at the prices and read some reviews (note that what works for me may not work for you and vice versa). They clean up your computer from the megabytes and megabytes of junk it constantly gets from the Internet as you surf the Web.

A good anti-virus is always good to have. Protect you PC well, clean up the software (and hardware, it’s not complicated, really) and have a backup by hand at any time. Just in case, you might use cloud storage for your most valuable files. Trust me – this will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

What If Somebody Asked You If Cleaning Was Contagious

I had a chat with a friend yesterday and, since I have interests in many fields, I often get asked a lot of questions. You can imagine my astonishment when he asked me if OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) was contagious. This is the sort of question that makes it hard for a person to resist the temptation of using epithets signifying another individual’s intellectual deficit (the person actually knows what the condition is). I would understand asking me what OCD was (nobody knows everything). This would be logical. But when he asked me if it’s contagious I was stunned for a second. I will now explain to those of you who are not familiar with the disorder and I will let you decide if it could be transmissible.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a psychological disorder accompanied with high anxiety levels due to its ego-dystonic nature. Ego-dystonic means that it is ‘outside’ of the ego; it is perceived as something alien, as if it intrudes one’s mind. A very good example are the obsessions (which we observe here) – they are understood by the individual as being irrational, they might be even unacceptable for him or her, but they just can’t help it. So here we have obsessions, perceived by the sufferer to be illogical or irrational, yet persisting in his thoughts. Another component are the compulsions (hence obsessive-compulsive); they have the same ego-dystonic values and are behaviours which the individual cannot control. They are formed in order to decrease the anxiety based on the obsessions. For example, a person might have germ-related obsessions. In order to relieve the germ-related mental discomfort, the person will probably be a compulsive cleaner. He will non-stop wash his hands, clean the dust, wash the carpets, clean the windows, use disinfectants everywhere, et cetera – you get the picture. Those are some of the signs and symptoms of OCD. Not to be mistaken with Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder which has pretty much the same symptoms, but it is ego-syntonic (the opposite of ego-dystonic – it feels close, natural). People with OCPD can easily rationalise their behaviours and can explain why they are doing what they are doing. Also, they seem to enjoy their obsessions, whereas people with OCD are tormented by them.

Now you have a basic picture of what OCD is. My friends knows all of the above (and more) and dead seriously asked me if it was contagious. He sincerely expected an answer. I thought he was joking at first, but alas – he wasn’t. Well, knowing what you know about OCD – what do you think, is it contagious?

So Glad That I Am A Cleaner…

Cleaning Experts does after party cleaning

The manager, Mss. Sleepwater and the owners of Children’s Party Centre were nervous about the upcoming event. I felt relief that my job was clear and I knew how to do everything which depended on me.I just had to clean carefully.

But the others, who were not cleaners, had some problems. Our decorator Steven for example fell into an unpleasant situation. First Mss. Sleepwoter told him to decorate the Centre without giving him very detailed instructions. He started arranging the place diligently and he was ready just in time. Mss. Sleepwater came back from ordering some food for the kids, but instead to praise Steven’s work, she started to criticise almost all of his decisions. Then Mss. Sleepwater gave him concrete directions how to change the decoration. He started to execute everything she wanted. He was careful and conscientious, because he wanted to do the things in the best possible way. This time Mss. Sleepwater was satisfied, made lots of compliments to Steven’s work and even called the rest of the team to enjoy his work.

But Steven’s happiness did not last long. In about an hour came Mr. B. – the owner of the Centre. He almost never came here. We knew he is the big boss, but rarely saw him. Obviously this celebrity party was the reason for his visit. Mr. B. was a little nervous too. He in turn criticised all the decisions of Mss. Sleepwater and poor Steven had to remove this decoration and make a new one by Mr. B.’s instructions. I helped him with the removal of the “old” decoration and he started again.

He was almost done, when Mrs. B. came in. She was about 30 years younger than her husband and had self confidence of a person with a very good taste. So it turned out that she had different vision for the decoration too. Steven started again while she was marching around him with her high heels.

Mr. B. was looking through the window. “He is waiting for his daughter. It is going to be interesting…” – whispered to me the bartender. I was glad that I am going to see my ex school mate, but when she came in, she paid no attention to me. She went to the problematic decoration instead. She took a deep breath, looked at her young stepmother with disregard and then at her father. The man was happy to see his daughter, but the daughter just turned and went to the door. Before leaving the Centre she said: “When someone has such a taste, she can be valued only by a man who can’t appreciate the beauty, like my father…”. Then our boss’s daughter slammed the door.

All the team felt confused and everyone tried to look focused on his activity. Only Steven was glad that he does not have to redecorate again.