Cleaning at the Hairdresser’s

Cleaning at the Hairdresser’s by Cleaning Experts

For the past few months I have been working as a cleaning lady at a local salon as I could not find another job at that time. At first I thought it will not be a very difficult job but eventually I realized how mistaken I had been. There were five hairdressers taking care of the clients and it turned out I will be the only person who will be cleaning the place. Due to the fact I had no other job opportunity, I decided to take this one and solve my financial problems.

When I went to work on my first day, there was no one to tell me where the cleaning supplies and tools are kept. Apparently it was beyond the knowledge of the hairdressers, so I had to call the lady who hired me as she was not at the salon at this time. She managed to give me directions to the second floor where the needed things are stored. I found a large collection of cleaning agents, polishing detergents and a few different types of mops and cleaning systems. I decided I had better get down to cleaning the floors as the first haircuts were already performed. It was a really tiresome process and it seemed endless. As soon as I cleaned the hair on the floor after a client, another one arrived and I had to sweep hair again. That was my main activity during the day.

After the salon closed and the hairdressers had left, I had to stay and spotlessly clean the whole salon. Having swept hair from the floor for the whole day, it was not that dirty; however, I still needed to wash it with the disinfecting agent. Then I had to move on to polish all of the mirrors and windows as the salon was very prestigious and the owner could not allow for any impurities. One of my other obligations was to wipe the dust off the shelves with the beauty products and shampoos and there were a lot of them. As you might have guest, this task would take me a lot of time to do it properly. At the same time, I had to take care of the deodorizers as the salon had to be fresh on the next day.

Before leaving the salon I also had to put all of the towels used for drying people’s hair into the washing machine and turn it on. Then the only thing left was to throw out the garbage bags. This job would leave me so tired at the end of the day that I could not do anything but go home and get some sleep. Soon enough I came to the conclusion that the job of a cleaning lady is definitely the worst I could have taken on and I quitted.