A Fresher’s Cleaning Problems

Fresher's cleaning problems

It was my first year away from home and, if I have to be frank, I did not get used to doing all the washing and cleaning easily. However, I had no choice but to quickly learn how to cook for myself, do the laundry and clean the mess I usually cause.

My first attempts at using the washing machine were quite miserable; apparently I had added too much laundry powder as when I got my clothes out they were covered in white powdery spots, so I had to wash them again. After this not so pleasant experience, I think I got much better at washing as this never happened again, I even started adding some fabric softener in the final rinse. Nevertheless, I still find it difficult to treat some stains but thankfully, I haven’t ruined many clothes so far.

Compared to cleaning my room and the kitchen, washing clothes seems like a piece of cake. I noticed that there are much more cleaning agents than washing detergents. I like cooking but I often create a real mess after doing it, so I need to clean everything up quickly as I have course work and projects to do. However, there are so many cleaning products in the supermarket that I often pick them by the luck of the draw. I made a terrible mistake once, though, having spilled some tomato sauce on the floor, I had to clear up the mess before my roommate gets back, so I decided to pour some of the dishwashing detergent in order to get better results. Things turned out differently, instead of getting rid of the tomato stains, I only further worsened the situations by adding lots of foam. I ended up wiping everything up with a sponge as I did not have a mop. It was a nasty experience; I can tell that, never ever pour liquid soap on your floor.

Another of my fresher’s misfortunes was when I blocked the plughole. At first I did not realize what was going on, but when the water in the sink did not drain away for an hour, I started getting worried. I am not too proud to admit it but I had to call my mother and ask for advice. Fortunately, her way of dealing with the problem was an easy one, I only had to go to the shop and buy Mr Muscle granular drain opener. I closely followed the instructions on the package and the clogged sink was working again in no time.

To sum up, I would say that being a fresher and having to take care of cooking, cleaning and washing all by yourself can be really stressful. However, if you pay a bit more attention than I did, I believe everything will work out just fine. Plus, you will be proud that you managed working with various cleaning tools on your own.