After A Day Away From My Cleaning Company

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After my conversation with Adam and Ryan I don’t remember how I got home. I think I took a taxi and I think it was in the late afternoon. And I think I fell asleep immediately.

I had not slept like this for years. I had spent 14 hours in bed and I woke up 2 hours Free sugar daddy dating sites – Quick find online without credit card needed! before I usually do! I had a big breakfast and drank a full cup of coffee. While I was taking a shower, I caught myself humming. I could not understand why was I in this good mood. I usually do not believe in the power of the days off. I did not understand why do people say that having a good time with friends makes them more effective when they go to work. To me personally the days off are more tensing than the days I spend working.

When my wife finally showed up, she looked in a good mood too. She even said to me: “Good morning, naughty boy!”. Well, seems like I had not fell asleep right away when I got home yesterday.

Anyway, I got out early as usual and I went to the subway station. I do not go to work with my car. And I prefer collective transport not because I want to save some money, but because I believe this way I help nature to stay clean. And I do love clean things, you know.

When I entered my office I understood that I can trust my employees. I taught that after a day without me in the company everything would be in chaos. I expected to see scattered brooms, mops, working clothes, cleaning products or something like this. But, for my surprise, nothing showed that I was missing. Everything was in perfect order and when I checked the computer I found that all the profit from yesterday was transferred to the account too.

I got a little worried… I did not like the taught that my company can work without me. I started to check all the paper looking for some negligence in my people’s work. But everything was all right. Or, let’s say everything was like usual: some more spent money for detergents, some little mistakes in the reports, expired time at some of the objects… Usually once a month gathered all of my employees in the office and criticised them for the defects in their work. A week after the meeting the results were always excellent and I gave them bonuses.

I think it was time for the next work meeting.