Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Even if you take care of your upholstery like a baby, accidents occur. Spillages are upholstery’s greatest enemy. But besides spills, dirt and dust can still appear as part of everyday use. This will be a simple guide showing some tips and insights on upholstery maintenance based on homemade cleaners or products you can find on the market.


–             Vacuuming upholstery before cleaning it further

After time the upholstery can start to look sketchy due to various stains. Before you do anything serious, take time to properly vacuum it. This is going to wipe out any dirt or dust which can make the couch dirty when wet and not removed before anything else. Use the various attachments your vacuum cleaner has to make sure you get to the tight spots and cracks. If your upholstery is not leather but fabric, due your best to remove any pet hair that upholstery tends to soak up.

–             If a spill occurs, deal with it as soon as possible.

The last thing you need is for the spill to set in to the furniture itself. Especially to the stuffing and wood. Blotting is the best way to remove it quickly. Scrubbing is not recommended. Using a (white) cloth will slow down the spread of the spill stain.

–             Get familiar with the various products before using them

There are a couple of factors that take part in choosing the proper cleaning agent when cleaning your upholstery. First is the material of the upholstery. The other one is the type of stain you’re dealing with. Materials can vary between cotton, wool, silk, acetate, etc. and some which are blends between those and some others. Also you should take into account the color of the upholstery, the method of it, and the overall age.

On older upholstery you should avoid cracking on your own. It’s always best to get in touch with a professional.

–             Tagging. Understanding the tags indicating the method and cleaner that should be used when cleaning upholstery.

By standards, the industry has made a few codes acting as tags, letting you know what would be the best way to clean should a spill occur. The tags are usually found on the sides of the furniture or on cushions.

Here is an insight on them

o            W – Cleaning should be done with a water based detergent

o            S – Cleaning should be done on a water free basis (dry cleaning)

o            WS – A fabric which combines the methods above. Can be cleaned either way. If planning to main on your own, this is the best type of furniture to buy

o            X – Upholstery that should only be cleaned professionally. You should never go beyond vacuuming and brushing